airplane food



I think I could deal with flying on this plane with the lifesize Hello Kitty characters. I recently flew back from California, and I actually had a meal option, and lets just say the plastic melted cheesburger and iceburg lettuce, wa delicious. Check out CityRag, for more picts of the inflight food. For more details on Eva air (aka kitty air) click here.

ass kicking vacation


Instead of going to Cancun and getting extremely drunk and sleeping with a prostitute, why not try Wildfitness.(Wild Stallions) “Wildfitness is the best possible way to get yourself a serious injection of raw energy.” So they say, On the north coast of Kenya you can explore your inner self and experience the world’s top trainers pushing you towards achieving “animal-like fitness”. All ranges of fitness and ages come to Wildfitness, from fitness beginners to the super-fit! There is no need to worry about how fit you are because at Wildfitness you will only be competing against yourself.

For more info on improving yourself check it out.

beat street


“King of the beat, I see you rocking that beat from across the street…..”. Trave to Zurich and live like a New York Graffiti Artist. Hotel Ruti, is all about the graffiti, each room is tag’d with one a kind style. I wonder if you added to it would they know?

fish tank



Oita Marine Center, Japan has fish tanks that allow you to feed the fish. I don’t know how this fish tank works exactly, but somehow they have created a vacuum that keeps the water from spilling out, which allows you to feed the fish. To see more photo’s check out Higo Blog at





By plane or by yacht, days like today make me dream of getting back to St. Jean in Saint Barthelemy

Sex Club


It’s Valentines Day, so why not a post about sex clubs. Last Year, after a yearlong $253,000 to clean up of its frescoes and repairing the 2 story structure the doors are opened to the public. The Lupanare

resort on Providenciales Turks and caicos


Amanyara sits on the Northwest edge of the island of Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos. Secluded from touristy Grace Bay, the resort boasts tourist-free waters and a blissful calm. The design of Amanyara is eastern influenced, with the buildings positioned to let the breeze flow through casually. There are no palm trees at Amanyara, instead the the owners Aman Resorts shipped in trees native to the Phillipines to grace the grounds. While relaxing one must have the Amanyara mojito, a rendition of the cuban classic only substituting the soda water for Veuve Cliquot. Rates start at $1350 a night and move upwards to $8600 during the period of January 3rd to May 31st. The Turks and Caicos is just a 3 hour flight from JFK.

collaboration with samsonite



Check out these two pieces for travel by Alexander Mcqueen, for Samsonite’s black label. We do not have to much info on the line, but if you speak German, here you go. Vogue Germany has a bit of info on the line.

reason to go to San Jose, in may

The San Jose Museum of Art presents the first museum exhibition and publication of Camille Rose Garcia, an emerging artist from the Los Angeles underground scene, whose narrative-based works express an acute political consciousness. The artist

place to disappear from the cold


Altea is a sleepy town on the Costa Blanca in Spain. Above is a place that is asking to be rented. Do it, disappear, forget about the 9 to 7, and live the life. Seriously.


Manor in the jungle


Giraffe Manor is located about 15 miles outside of Nairobi and sits on 140 acres of it’s own parkland on the lovely continent of Africa. What’s best about this english style manor built in 1932, is that giraffes and other wild animals roam the grounds freely. Almost a hotel/petting zoo, giraffes will join you for breakfast and once satiated will move on to bask in the African sun and bat their huge eyelashes at those big African flies. A small hotel, only 5 rooms, the human to giraffe ratio is about 2 to 1.

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