Because This Winter Sucks

Basic pictures of people in warm places from NatGeoFound

But Where Are the Water Wizards?


As California dries up, desperate farmers and vineyard owners are turning to water witches to locate underground water sources. Using only divining rods and their intuition, popular witches can make $500 or more per site visit.



Mastering the Philly-South Jersey patois

illustration by Steve Powers

Way of the (Bamboo) Sword

If two sensei fight in a snowy forest, will they both make it home in time for tea?

Artist Eats: Anders Oinonen

For this installment of “Artist Eats,” we asked Anders Oinonen to share his favorite place to eat. Anders is a Toronto-based artist who had a fantastic exhibition at The Hole last year (also, check out our photos from the opening). Continue reading for his answer.

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A sick trailer for William Strobeck’s upcoming Supreme video

Art Tonight (and This Weekend) in New York


Lots of heavy hitters including Todd James’ Supernatural, which opens tonight uptown at Sandra Gering.

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Redesigning the Union Jack


If Scotland declares independence from the UK, what changes will the iconic flag have to go through?

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Go Away by Alexander Chee

Artist colonies are mysterious places. Available only to a select few, supposedly teeming with alcohol, affairs, and creative hoodoo. But the rumors aren’t true—they just lack detail. From last summer, scenes and lessons from three residencies.

No, I Dadn’t


Cannot be unseen. The Vests Of Disneyland Social Clubs and this whole accompanying article here

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Picture of the Day


Martin Parr

Trail Therapy

The 34,000 Mile Journey of Steve Fugate

A Short Film by Cyrus Sutton

“When I stop breathing is when I’ll stop painting.”


The last living movie billboard painter in Greece



American Aqueduct: The Great California Water Saga by Alexis C. Madrigal

A $25 billion plan, a small town, and a half-century of wrangling over the most important resource in the biggest state

“He could have been just a nut job who had delusions of being a serial killer.”


And the search for the Zodiac Killer continues

Caught in The Act


To this man and many others like him, a Banksy piece is just money on the street. Luckily for New Orleans, neighborhood vigilantes got in the way of this attempt to remove another piece of public art.

Photo: Charlie Varley/

Big Things Down Under


Australia’s obsession with weird huge objects

Vegan. Organic. Delicious?


The Vanilla Bourbon Crème-Brûlée doughnut from the Cinnamon Snail food truck in NYC.

See a list of 101 great places to get a donut here

photo by ajagendorf25

Six Weeks Of Aloha

Nolan Hall’s latest zine published by Deadbeat Club

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