Jenny Holzer: Marquees (1993)

For Creative Time’s 42nd Street Art Project, Jenny Holzer took over the empty marquees of 42nd street theaters with her signature “truisms.”

photos by Don Shewey & Gregoire Alessandrini



One of the “Endangered Foods of New York”

Noodle Season


Every week until it’s warm again, we’ll be showing off various noodle soups around NYC. Suggestions are welcome in the comments!

Pork Bone Ramen at Chuko

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Art Book Things Happening in NY This Snowy Weekend


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COST is Up by Bucky Turco & Marina Galperina

COST is ruling the streets again, and streets were always his

Photo by elswatchoboracho

Want to Eat This Right Now


Del Posto’s 100 Layer Lasagne

Earlier: The Hundred Layer Lasagna



In New York City, The Best Bud Is Just A Phone Call Away by Hunter Stuart

Tap one out for Cartoon

Morning Dose of Children of the Grave

Cool idea from Hot Tea

Smart Fools

The 10th installment of Fool’s Gold’s Artist Series features the Smart Crew.

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Noodle Season


Every week until it’s warm again, we’ll be showing off various noodle soups in NYC. Suggestions are welcome in the comments!

Roast Pork Wonton Noodle Soup at Great NY Noodletown

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Gold, Frankincense and Purrrrrr


A nativity scene in Red Hook has been taken over by feral cats

Brooklyn Bathroom Graffiti

Deth Killers of Bushwick are Back


Asphalt-Resistant denim, t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, and accessories.

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Harry’s Corner Shop


For National Shave Day on December 1, 2013, Harry’s is offering free mustache shaves and a limited-edition razor at their Corner Shop in New York. Located in SoHo, the Corner Shop blends a classic feel with modern grooming techniques. The shop was designed as an intimate space that captures the community atmosphere of the traditional barbershop. But its barbers deliver modern cuts, using an iPad app that enables them to record each customer’s cut and preferences. In addition to an exceptional cut or shave, customers can find unique items in the shop, including Makr leather goods, Bitwell motorcycle helmets, Trusco toolboxes and more. If you can’t make it to the Corner Shop on the 1st, check Harry’s website for a participating barbershop in your area.

Photography by Brian W. Ferry

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The Poop Train


What happens to New York City’s processed sewage sludge? Well, it used to go to Colorado. Great listening here.

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90 Minutes in Chelsea

A look at art in street level galleries, because we only have 90 minutes, and climbing stairs and using elevators takes too long.

Installation View: Aurel Schmidt at 200 Stanton

On view through the end of the month inside a converted bodega in the Lower East Side.

Weekend Watching: Blank City (2010)

Directed by Celine Danhier

Today, Manhattan is a byword for overpriced property, overexposed landmarks and overdressed fashionistas. In the late 70s, however, it was rat-infested, crime-crippled, cheap and nasty – somewhere for America to dump its immigrants, poor people and artists. Music, art, fashion and filmmaking burgeoned, fueled by drugs, dares, fads, feuds, and a fair helping of madness.

Art Tonight (and this Weekend) in New York


Lots happening including Christian Marclay (above) at Paula Cooper this Friday, so click that read more link below.

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