Music in the UK


A map of where musicians were born and bands were formed.

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Picasso, Tate, 1960: the world’s first ‘art blockbuster’ by Tim Adams

Weekend Watching: Tonite Let’s All Make Love in London

Peter Whitehead’s 1967 film exploring the explosion of English pop culture in the days of “Swinging London.” Syd Barrett takes care of the soundtrack and the film features Michael Caine, Mick Jagger, Julie Christie, Lee Marvin, David Hockney, and Vanessa Redgrave amongst others.

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Wank London

It’s called free time, folks.

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199 pieces of art “have been damaged at or lost or stolen from eight of Britain’s national galleries and museums in the last three years.”

Rap Sprayer

MF Doom goes to London, paints a wall.

Geoff McFetridge – Around Us & Between Us

For those of us not in London, this is what Geoff McFetridge’s new show at Ivory & Black looks like.

What Is ‘Blustering Jingoism’

There’s nothing quite like an emotional Morrissey comparing Britain to 1939 Nazi Germany.

Art Tonight: London & New York

Tim Head opens up ‘The Daily Standard’ at Pure Evil Gallery in London, while New York sees some great group shows at Joshua Liner, Yossi Milo, and Jack Shainman.

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Olympic Vermin

Probably the first time we’ve ever used ‘cute’ on the site.

The BMW Art Car Collection

If you’re lucky enough to be in London right now, ART DRIVE! The BMW Art Car Collection 1975-2010 exhibition is open to the public until August 4th in Shoreditch at the NCP Great Eastern Street Car Park (35 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3ER).

For those not there, this slideshow should suffice. Even if it’s only to admire how fantastic the lines on the BMW used to be.

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Banksy Goes To The Olympics

Two new pieces from Britain’s no. 1.

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