These Are The Olympic Tickets

Exciting, right?

Designed by Futurebrand.

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The Secret History of East London

Dazed Digital has created an awesome user-generated memory map containing the creative history of the evolving area.

Morning Dose of Keep Calm and Carry On

The story behind the poster.

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David Shrigley: Brain Activity

A trailer created for his show at London’s Hayward Gallery


James Jarvis: 52 Spheres

New block prints from James Jarvis that will be featured in a show at Beach London next month.

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Le Baron London Has A Banksy Sculpture In It

As evidenced by Olivier Zahm posing next to it.

Art Tonight New York + Faile in London

In NYC: Walton Ford’s new show I Don’t Like To Look at Him, Jack. It Makes Me Think of That Awful Day on the Island. opens at Paul Kasmin. Cory Arcangel vs. Pierre Bismuth opens at Team Gallery, and RxArt is having a pop-up shop at Half Gallery. Across the pond, Faile opens up Fragments of FAILE at Lazarides Rathbone.


No Holds Barred

by Pref

I’d like to see this in person.

Morning Dose of “Bowling Alley in London”

by artist Tsui Kuang-Yu in 2006.

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Art Across The Globe

Here are some openings to check out. LA folks: Revok, Rime, and Roid at Known Gallery is not to be missed.

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Riot Fires in Hackney

Photos by Mehdi Lacoste

New logo for the Olympic Looting Team

by Pure Evil

Fire Pon London

A timelapse of fires burning through the night into dawn in North London.

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Forest Pitch

Craig Coulthard’s Forest Pitch project for London 2012 Cultural Olympiad is reminiscent in a way of Field of Dreams. The art project will feature a full size soccer field hidden within a commercial forest, utilizing felled trees to “create goalposts, a shelter and other infrastructure on site.” Once the two scheduled matches are finished, “the site will be left to grow back naturally, with some native species replanted to encourage a more diverse environment. The shelter will remain as a simple documentation space and observation point, to witness the gradual reclamation of the pitch by the natural world.”

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Morning Dose of a Chihuhua as a Guard Dog


Picture of the Day

One of the many photographs from Ewen Spencer‘s new book, Three’s a Crowd, a result of four years on the road with The White Stripes.  There’s a book launch party in London tomorrow, info after the jump.

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Moniker Art Fair

If you’re in London over the next couple days, make sure to stop by the Moniker Fair. There are some great galleries involved, plus site specific installations by Stephen Powers (above) and Ben Eine.

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Pure Evil Goes to the Creators Project in London

The Creators Project reminded me of TOON TOWN raves in San Francisco in the early 90’s where magazines like MONDO 2000 and people developing virtual reality would bring all their technology and demo it to an amazed public.. This time however the public aren’t on weapons grade psychedelics and are more likely to be wearing black, not wearing brightly coloured orange camo and waving glowsticks. The best and most moving part of the whole event was really the centerpiece, ‘IM HERE’ by the always amazing Spike Jonze, centered around two urban robots falling in love and subsequently falling apart. Theres also a SICK thing called [Z]ink that lets you draw things in 3D. I have been grumbling about the speedy change of gentrification/development/proliferation of gadgets/progress recently but I realise that what is actually happening is that the future is actually catching up with our own image of what we think ‘THE FUTURE’ will be.. This whole event feels like a part of this futuristic realisation… Its really exciting and fun. There’s also gonna be a heck of a lot of music stuff going on with Diplo/CSS/N.A.S.A/UVA/Brodinski/Laurent Garnier/Richie Hawtin/Peaches and a bunch of other people doing what they do. Nice one VICE, nice one Intel.

Pure Evil

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