The Nerve of Politicians

recycling scheme 3

Mayor Dimitri Russo of Castel Volturno, Italy dressed some of his council members up as roadside prostitutes to help him get the word out about his new campaign to “promote better recycling schemes in the region.” Some of the motorists who stopped were then pulled over by police a couple hundred yards away and given tickets as part of the mayor’s recently issued anti-prostitution ordinance. Also, we heard NYC only got 8 inches of blizzard. Nice snow, DeBlasio.

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Disappearing Trolls and Ancient Italian Graffiti


All included in this oh-so-wordy review of the book GRAFFITI AND THE LITERARY LANDSCAPE IN ROMAN POMPEII.

Che Peccato


This year, Italy will be adding the sales of drugs, prostitution and smuggling to their GDP calculations, “a boost for its chronically stagnant economy.”

Installation View: Todd James – Secret Garden

Italians love busty blondes!

On view at Galleria Patricia Armocida in Milan through August 1, 2014

An Art History Mystery


How is there an Australian sulphur-crested cockatoo in a 1496 Italian Renaissance painting by Andrea Mantegna?

Spaghetti No. 5


An illustrated trip to the Barilla Factory in Parma, Italy

Artist Eats: Evan Gruzis

For this installment of “Artist Eats,” we asked Evan Gruzis to share his favorite place to eat. Evan is a New York-based artist, who makes photorealistic ink paintings and awesome sculptures and has had solo exhibitions at SAKS in Geneva and The Hole in New York, among other galleries. Continue reading for his answer.

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Riding High


Fiat’s old Lingotto auto factory in Turin, Italy was a real bottom-to-top operation. Raw materials were delivered on the ground floor and after going through many levels of manufacturing, finished automobiles exited onto the rooftop test track for a drive.

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A Boulder Runs Through It


“It” being an Italian farmhouse

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Installation View: Ed Templeton – A Gentle Collision

On view through November 22nd at Jerome Zodo Contemporary in Milan

Morning Dose of Awesome Teamwork

Synchronized Motorcycling by the Roman Police in 1953

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To Live And Die in Pompeii


It was the place to be. A new exhibition at the British Museum sheds light on the perversions of the Pompeiians. 

Pink Project

If GWAR we’re an italo disco band.

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Building Disappearing

Optical Illusion Art by Rub Kandy.

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A Pasta Curtain

New work at the Fame Festival by Brad Downey and Akay, who together are known as Brakay.


Borris Hoppek at Fame Festival in Grottaglie, Italy.