Bum Bum Bummmmmm….


The Miss Bumbum 2013 pageant is being shaken by bribery accusations

“A World Cup of Terror”


First Capital Command, Brazil’s biggest drug cartel is issuing threats in advance of the 2014 World Cup.

“It’s a divine light.”


Brazilian mechanic Alfred Moser invented a daytime lamp using two capfuls of bleach, and a two-litre plastic bottle full of water. It’s changing lives everywhere.

The Girl from Ipanema


Then and now. At 63, she’s still holding it down.

“the referee was tied up, beaten, stoned and quartered.”


Brazilian soccer fans don’t mess around when it comes to retaliation for one of their players being fatally stabbed by a referee.

Miss Bum Bum Brazil

Quite the pageant

Picture of the Day

Vhils in the Comunidade do Morro da Providência in Rio De Janeiro.

Carnival in Rio with Arnold Schwarzenegger

He’s got something in common with the Brazilian man.

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