Installation View: Sanrio’s Small Gift

Never before have I seen grown-ups have so much fun with Hello Kitty…and that Danzig piece, whoa!

A Remote Controlled Tarantula

Whoever buys and uses this thing is an Evil Genius. Available through Hammacher Schlemmer.

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Looks like you will need your imagination to play with Olivia

Early Tron figures are making their way to Ebay, and word has it Olivia Wilde did not approve the licensing of her face, so her character Quorra comes with a permanent helmet. Read more about it here, did you know Christian Bale did the same for Terminator Salvation…?

Weekend Watching: Adult Fans of Lego

A Blocumentary.

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There’s Never a Wrong Way to Construct Legos

Brilliant ads for Lego by Leo Burnett Russia

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Kozik’s Dead Che

16-inch Dead Che Bust by Frank Kozik is available at Kidrobot, in this exclusive hot pink edition.

Only 50 available. $200.00

I guess all you can hope for now is Sylvester?

KAWS’ Tweety Bird…still trying to make sense of it all.

A whole lot of new Dunnies

The 2010 Dunny series is now available now.  You can pick them up at Kidrobot for $7.95

Click to see the full collection after the jump

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Lonnie Johnson, Inventor of the Supersoaker

On the origins of the Super Soaker:

“I was working on a heat pump that used water as a working fluid, and I made some jet pumps for it. I accidentally shot a stream of water across a bathroom where I was doing the experiment and thought to myself, “this would make a great gun.” The original one that I first made actually had the pressurized water and the air inside a Plexiglas body. After a number of iterations, I eventually put the bottle on the top. ”

Popular Mechanics, October 2009

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the magnetic blob

Kids these days have the coolest toys!

Silly putty infused with millions of micron magnets = Awesome.

buy now for 13.50 (it’s on back order, but you can get a notice when available)

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Mr. Spray becomes a vinyl toy

This should sell out fast.

Mr. Spray is an original character created by tShepard Fairey in 2004 as a street-art appropriation of an advertising character design of the 1950s. Mr. Spray is the first original vinyl figure design by the artist in eleven years and will be released in mid-July 2010.

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The Lego Minifigure decoder

Now You Know.

Lego mini figures

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