The british are coming

Lego announced plans to shelve their Pirate line but, before they do they are giving you one last treat, the Imperial Flagship. Enjoy putting together this 1664 piece set that includes a working galley. Sweet!

Measures 29.5” (75 cm) long and 23.6” (60 cm) tall.

Lego’s new iPhone App

Lego Photo takes your photos and creates Lego Mosaics out of them. It’s pretty cool but, will probably (like most apps) grow boring after a couple days.  Have a look at the LegoClick site too while you’re at it

Holy Radical Lego Almighty


20 30 years’ worth of Lego Space toys.  Wow

Brixels: Create your own Lego Portrait


This is a great idea. For yourself, or as a gift.

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Morning Dose of Awesome

Create and Destroy.  117 objects stacked on a single Lego block and subsequently wrecked by wind-up toys.

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overboard obsession


This is the visual definition of obsession. Who would build a Lego Yamato battleship in what looks to be a kitchen?

Check out more photos of the ship and one giant Lego Cat in the background

kittens, stormtrooper

by: PeteChicago


UK-based Mike Balakov experiments with macro photography, tight lighting, and Lego stormtroopers.

Prints for sale on DeviantArt.

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Yeah, these lego Walkie Talkies are fresh


But give me my old school G.I. Joe ones and were on to communicate

buy the Lego ones at Urban Outfitters

The Lego house


A house made of Lego in a vineyard.  Something that I would have never thought of.  I want to have sex in it.

More at ArchDaily

A Lego Crossbow


This is super old but, whatever, still cool.  See one in action after the jump

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The most radical thing on the internet today

8-Bit Trip, 1500 hours of work went into this lego stop motion.  It paid off.

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Well, this is about the freshest Lego creation I have ever seen.  See the details here

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Over the weekend the show Brickism opened up at Wood Wood in Denmark.  It featured lego creations from SoMe (above), Delta, Husk Mit Navn, and Will Sweeney.  The show will continue to Colette next month, followed by Goodhood in London in October, and 290 SQM in Amsterdam in November.  The pieces will be auctioned off on ebay to support Save the Children.

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Banksy’s Donuts in Legos


You gotta love a sense of humor.  Created by Art of the State

Did you also hear that he made a deal where he charged Bristol £1 for his popular exhibition in exchange for all of the CCTV footage of the creation of it to be demolished.  Smooth move

lego inspires

We all grew up with lego’s and the one thing they have ingrained in us all, simplicity inspires!


lego star wars echo base


A must have for any Lego fan/Star Wars fan. It would go perfect with this amazing Lego fabrication!

A Whole lot of Lego Stop-Motion

This link has got it all, from Terminator to Star Wars.

Dee & Ricky’s lego Smuff pins


These look pretty dope, and it’s a quick little concept. Oh, and Smuff = Cigarette if you grew up in DC in the Nineties!

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Movie Posters recreated with Lego


There are some good ones in here

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