Nucleo Lego Histogram


To celebrate their 15th anniversary, Italian design studio Nucleo has given back to the people and created a D.I.Y. version of their pricey Histogram table out of lego. Get the plans here

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(Thanks Adam!)

Mad Technical

The Lego paper plane folding machine.

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Morning Dose of the Stratos Jump

Lego Style

“The house will stand in the midst of the fields like an object, without disturbing anything around it.”

Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye gets the Lego Architecture treatment.

The Lego Story

If you have some time today, this animated film will guide you through the story of how Lego came to be. Leg Godt.


The Wire (Lego Style)

This is so good.

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Morning Dose of the Greatest Euro Cup Moments

In Lego stop-motion.

Lego Art

PBS Off Book again and again.

Lego Master Model Builder

Sounds like an awesome job.

Lego Minimalism at its Best

Print ads by Jung von Matt

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This Is The Patent Drawing For The Lego


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Toy Graffiti


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