colorChange for the iphone

ColorChange by Indivigital is a really awesome app. If you ever wanted to repaint a wall in your place and were unsure about the color to use, this app is the answer. Here is how it works: Take a picture of the wall, then select on the portions you want to paint. It’s smart enough to know trace around pictures, and objects that may be in the shot and you can use its tools to select and erase what you may not want to have colored. Definitely worth the $2.99.

consume on the go


Gilt Group’s iPhone app is pretty solid. Push notifications offer an extremely convenient way to drain your bank account.

google translator


So we just discovered this little gem from Google. Everyone knows the site will translate text for you but, they have this little tab/link that you can add to your tool bar that translates any web page you’re on to your preferred language. This makes life a little easier. They also have code you can add to your own website that will translate it automatically for others!

Get it now!

iphone, your Personal Sonar Device

This crazy ass application lets you measure the distance of objects via a sonar device on the iPhone. This actually works, unlike the handy bug repellent applications out there. (itunes)


New Hampshire Iphone dump

So I had a little RR a week ago… So here’s a little dump from the phone, no animals were hurt.
If you like the Quad photos in the dump check out Quad Camera Multi Shot Cam by Takazuki Fukatsu in the iTunes store. One of my favorite applications.

free iphone app of the week


Check out this nice little iPhone app. It is a well designed and very cool camera application that allows you to alter your images in multiple ways as well as select from preset filters.  It’s free here

Equally as cool is iphoneography, a website dedicated to reviewing every photo app on the phone. Now maybe you’ll be able to decide which app to finally buy.

Read the full review of Mill’s app on iphonography  here.

Creative Digital Motion Open Emu: Free Game Emulation


This is a two-fold post, I recently discovered (yesterday) Create Digital Motion, a site dedicated to bringing you the best creative motion, digitally…. software, hardware, hacks, really cool things you can do. And, really cool things people are doing. Fore example,

“Fans of vintage games with Macs, take note. Open Emu makes emulation of classic game systems a “first-class citizen” on the Mac. But if it were just a game emulator, well, it wouldn’t be news. What makes it news is that at its core, Open Emu is an open source platform and modular architecture into which your favorite game systems can be added as plug-ins. And thanks to that architecture, you can treat your favorite game systems as though they’re modules in a grand, 8-bit modular visual synth, crunching their textures into geometry, adding real-time effects, and controlling the whole thing with multiple controllers, audio, and MIDI.

In other words, Open Emu is like having a giant visual performance synth made from the tasty innards of classic games.”

see the full post here.

apple’s hyperwall

Apples hyperwall from WWDC.

“At Apple’s recent WWDC developer conference, 20,000 of the most popular iPhone apps were showcased on a pulsating wall of 30 Cinema Displays. Whenever someone downloaded a particular app, its icon pulsed light outwards creating a mesmerising display.”

Via CR

Hulu desktop beta


We are a huge fan of Boxee, but it had always problems functioning with Hulu. This may explain why, check out the beta of Hulu desktop.

spinning vinyl

This is a very cool app. Will it make it into the store? I am not sure.  Watch the video and see for yourself.


where’s the flu?


I am avoiding Taco Bell to avoid swine flu. Well, not really.  I actually do not know if there is a Taco Bell in NYC? Anyway, leave it to Google to map everything. Check out this Flu trend map, they have even expanded to include Mexico.

think out of the boxee


I have been meaning to write about this one for a while now. If you’re on a mac(intel) and watch most of your entertainment online, you will love this application (as most do, they have over 500,000 users so far). Boxee is like a set top system that allows you to watch and listen to everything on your media library and !! it lets you access many streaming sites and networks. Like HULU, CNN, Pandora, MTV, Joost all through a “Front Row” experience but better. I have to tell you once you start down this word everything changes.

Oh I almost forgot, it also allows you to share with other “Boxee” users what you’ve watched (be careful) recommendations, and it also lets you vote shows up or down. I cannot stop praising this one. It also works with the apple remote, so you can sit on your ass and browse. Now if it only allowed me to buy the episodes off HBO and Showtime…. I would never need cable again….

Give it a try.

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