The Future of Online Shopping

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Building on Technology


Belkin’s LEGO Builder Case for the iPhone 5

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Blurred Lines

This morning I woke up with a bad case of SMS. Short for ‘Social Media Shame,’ SMS is essentially a feeling one gets the day after overzealously posting words or images to their preferred social network to the point of annoyance for anyone who’s following. We’ve all been there in some degree or other. And while most would just delete their missteps, I have some weird internet integrity that makes me deal with my social faux pas out in the open. I could blame MTV for the misfortune of others, since it was they who decided to surround my apartment building in red carpet for their Video Music Awards. I could blame Vikingfjord Vodka, whose alcohol took to me like tequila takes to normal people. I could blame Apple, since they made the device that enabled me to babble in the captions that accompanied the pictures I took. I could also blame the small number retweets and comments I received that only added jet fuel to this alcoholic fire. But in the end I’ll blame myself. Because honestly, I got drunk and talked shit on the internet and out my window, and really enjoyed it. Hell, even Katy Perry locked eyes and laughed at me. So to those who were following along last night, sorry for being an instagram pest, it probably won’t happen again.

Morning Dose of I Forgot My Phone

The sadness of modern times.

“Burning Man is a very good simulation of a well-organized refugee camp”


Still, they hate cell phones there.

Morning Dose of Menace Beach

A “unique tribute to the birth of skateboarding” by Low Bros & editude pictures. Those 3D heads are a nice touch.

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Mobile Posture Feedback


The LumoBack is a sensor belt you wear that vibrates anytime you’re not sitting up straight or standing tall. Annoying, yes, but that’s the point, slouchy.

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Late 21st Century Travel Ideas


Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Alpha

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Weekend Watching: From One Second To The Next

Werner Herzog’s film about the dangers of texting while driving.

“Sex Crimes 2084” and More!


Nothing like a commercial for a Satellite Porn Descrambler to make you appreciate advancements in technology.

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Action Sports Analytics


Trace is a tiny piece of technology that attaches to your action board and measures key data from your session, beaming it directly to your smart phone.

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Live From The Grave of Andy Warhol


On what would have been his 85th birthday, EarthCam, in cooperation with The Andy Warhol Museum and St. John Chrysostom Byzantine Catholic Church present a livestream of Warhol’s gravesite.

PaperDude VR


80′s classic arcade game Paperboy gets made over in this virtual reality edition using the technology of Kinect, an Oculus Rift VR headset, and a KickR bike sensor.

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Snarkitecture’s cement resting place for your phone

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“Happy people are better than dead people”


The “Peace Drone” spreads calm through clouds of oxycontin

How Does Glitchy Art Show Us Broken Is Beautiful?

Still trying to figure that out.

The Pixel Painter

Hal Lasko is a 97-year old Grandpa who spends his day making art in Microsoft Paint.

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Pornify Everything

First-Ever Google Glass Porn with Andy San Dimas and James Dean.

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Turn your favorite instagram shots into custom oil paintings. Now you outsource your artwork to China too!

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