Nothing But Screen

Everything is a Remix Case Study: The iPhone

Morning Dose of Amazon Prime Air

Glad my $70/year subscription is being put to work.

Buy Now and You’ll Have It Just In Time For When You Actually Want To Be Outdoors


PowerUp 3.0, the Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

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Morning Dose of You Only Live Twice

Directed by Wildlife



The brand new digital stylus for the Paper iPad app

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Morning Dose of the Tweeting Tree

Nobody listens to it.

In this project titled ‘Listen and Repeat’ by Rachel Knoll, a megaphone affixed to a tree in Washington “uses text to speech capabilities to recite tweets composed with the tag ‘nobody listens’ from the social media website Twitter.”

Textual Relations


Michael Cera got a wrong number text message and developed a brief friendship out of it

The Nasal Ranger


The device that helps enforce Denver’s pot odor ordinance



An app that tracks what the big boys invest in.

Because Going to a Farmer’s Market Means Actually Having To Leave Your House


Good Eggs is a farm to doorstep online grocer

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Volcano Power


One of the many “unusual energy sources of the future”

Is Code the Most Important Language in the World?

PBS Off book investigates


Timothy Leary’s Video Games

We’ve mentioned the games before, now watch’em in action

Lurk Your Own Adventure


Mosey’s app helps you discover new things to do, and allows you to document the places you love most, turning them into your own curated city guide for the world to see.

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Truly, an ART Car


For their Art Is Motion project, Lexus worked with artist Sergio Albiac to equip an IS 300h with onboard art software that creates a continuous portrait of the driver based on speed and engine mode.

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On Demand Kittens, On Demand Everything


Today (10/29) between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m, as part of “National Cat Day”, Uber will be delivering adoptable kittens to whatever location you’re at for 15 minutes of playtime. The service is available only in New York, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Fitbit Force


The next generation of the best fitness wristband.



A new BYU study claims that looking at too many food pictures on instagram and pinterest makes eating less enjoyable.



Bay Watch by Nathan Heller

How San Francisco’s new entrepreneurial culture is changing the country.

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