Technics, Rest in Peace

Panasonic announced that it will no longer be making its cult classic turntable, Technics.

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Like You Have Any Choice in iPhone 4 Covers Now

Incase’s Ping Pong Cover was inspired by the ping pong paddle’s textured rubber surface. It comes in traditional paddles colors too, blue, green, black, and red.

Adobe is killing the publishing industry

Here’s a look at Adobe’s publishing tool for digital magazines. At first glance it’s awesome. Use the program looks quick, easy, and simple…a little too simple. Granted this is just video one in a series, but it leaves out the fact you are designing for both a print issue and digital issue. It’s hard enough coming up with one page layout, let alone 3. 3 times 100+ pages in a magazine…it’s a bit of an effort.

Tron Director talks about Tron and Tron Legacy

Check out this little interview with Steven Lisberger from Current Geek

Inspected Gadget: Wanderlust Digital Pinhole Lens

Wanderlust has created a very affordable, easy-to-use Micro 4:3 pinhole lens/cap. The pinhole is recessed inside the camera, and is relatively wide since the precision-cut hole is extremely close to the camera sensor. This allows the lens to deliver an 11mm (22mm equivalent) experience. For more examples and to preorder go here (also cool since it’s being made via kickstarter).

Inspected Gadget: iPad Stereo Docks, or lack thereof

The iPad’s screen interface is great for audio control, so I went searching for decent stereo docks for the device that would also serve as a charging station, etc. There’s not much available: The Philips Fidelios DS8550 looks pretty nice, if not slightly on the pricey side, and has an app that controls some of the dock’s features, like the alarm. The iHome IA100 is another option. And that’s it – just two – unless there is a massive wave of them on the way.

Like a Marshall stack on your head

Marshall Headphones, available November 15th.

Inspected Gadget: Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter

Up ’til now, prototype videos of the  iPhone-controlled Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter have been floating around, but it’s now available for purchase. Pretty slick quadricopter design allows for multidirectional movement. While it’s obviously cool that the app for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch serves as a remote control for the drone’s movement, it’s even cooler that it displays a video feed from the front of the vehicle, and even better are the game apps that track scoring in dogfights and other types of augmented-reality battles.

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The Basement Frat Party Clean-Up Robot

It tidies rooms.

Available at Hammacher Schlemmer

Inspected Gadget: AAXA M1 Ultimate Microprojector

AAXA’s M1 “Ultimate” is an update to their “M1″ line of micro projectors. It’s got a nice new aluminum case, light output rated at 75 lumens, SVGA resolution, and a built in SD card slot. While not a hardcore projector replacement, consider how portable this thing is and the multiple possible non-intrusive uses (photo projector, temporary video setup, etc).

The prior version is also still available, though case is plastic and total light output is 66 Lumens.

Via OhGizmo!

Inspected Gadget: Garmin Chirp Geocaching Beacon

The Garmin Chirp is a geocacher’s delight – it sends out a wireless GPS signal to a maximum of 32 feet/10meters to alert a nearby visitor that they’re either getting warm or already on top fof the coordinates they’re seeking. It’s just over an inch long, under an ounce, waterproof, and has a battery life of one year (continuous use!). So what’s geocaching? It’s foursquare and gowalla way before either of those two existed, and more specifically, like GPS-assisted treasure hunting. Makes roadtrips and sometimes even local trips extra fun.

Via Crunchgear/OhGizmo!

Thinksound TS02 + Mic Headphones

I’ve been testing these headphones from thinksound out by listening to our Sound Advice series while traversing NYC. The only way I translate how amazing and noise canceling the ts02’s are is by the graphic above.

Highly recommended

Inspected Gadget: Nikon Coolpix P7000

Nikon’s answer to Canon’s G11 (G9 and G10 before that) is the Nikon Coolpix P7000. The industrial design is so absolutely similar that at first glance it’s hard to tell the two apart. The real differences lie in the target user. These ‘higher end’ point and shoot models offer the same interfaces and software setup as their much larger professional DSLR siblings, which make them a great lightweight alternative for photographers who don’t want to lug a big expensive unit around, but want familiarity with the interface, and want to stick within Nikon’s camera system. Alternate use: a cheaper way to figure out which pro brand interface and software flavor you prefer, before you invest in a larger DSLR. Pics of top and back after the jump.

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Yahoo’s message

Yahoo just released an update to their messenger app that now allows you to make video calls and stream live one-to-one video over 3G or Wi-Fi. It also lets you call between Android and the iPhone as long as the Android has a front facing camera. Download it here for free

Kenny Powers iPhone App: Home Run Fiesta

Ok, sure, why not?


-Classic Home Run competition game play
-Hundreds of ballsy insults straight from by Eastbound and Down’s Danny McBride
-Retro 8-bit color graphics
-Exclusive Eastbound and Down: Season Dos content
-Five levels of balls-out insanity
-The chance to square off against one of the greatest pitchers of all time. Period.

Available here

via, uncrate

Talking Tree

What a random, cool idea.

A 100 year old tree, living on the edge of Brussels, was hooked up to a fine dust meter, ozone meter, light meter, weatherstation, webcam and microphone. This equipment constantly measures the tree’s living circumstances. And translates this information into human language. Then, the tree lets the world know how he feels. Follow the life of the talking tree via YouTube, Flickr and Soundcloud. And friend him on Facebook.

Visit the tree here

Music from saharan cellphones

I just started listening to this, and it’s real good.

From Bill McMullen on 12oz:

Music cultivated from memory cards of old cellphones in West Africa, mostly used for ringtones. They’re actual songs, not blippy chip music, and the complete mix is a good trip.

Download here

Classic Arcade Games on the iPhone and iPad

Elite is in the process of releasing an app called “ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection (Vol. #1),” which lets you play 25-year-old arcade classics like Paperboy, 1942, Airwolf, Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins, Kokotoni Wilf, and Turbo Esprit on your iPhone (and iPad).

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Moleskine iCovers wrap your iPad or iPhone with the quality we all know and love.  Not to stray from their analog history, the case also includes a nice notebook as well.

via, Uncrate

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