How Does Glitchy Art Show Us Broken Is Beautiful?

Still trying to figure that out.

The Pixel Painter

Hal Lasko is a 97-year old Grandpa who spends his day making art in Microsoft Paint.

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Pornify Everything

First-Ever Google Glass Porn with Andy San Dimas and James Dean.

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Turn your favorite instagram shots into custom oil paintings. Now you outsource your artwork to China too!

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Lunchtime Laughter

New iPhones are Like New Girlfriends

Wyoming, The State With Only 2 Escalators


Truth. It ‘s very spread out over there.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Lunchtime Laughter

New Wearable Computer Also Sucks Your Dick

Iconic Technology


Early pieces of Apple equipment get an internet age, online-only auction at Christies.

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F* Your Bike Lanes


Paravelo: The world’s first flying bicycle

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Jay-Z and Nokia Team-Up To Release The Black Album


Oh wait, that was 10 years ago. Ooooops. Jay-Z and Samsung seal $5 million deal for Magna Carta Holy Grail*.

*Normal data rates apply. Void where prohibited.

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Humanizing Technology

Nam June Paik’s Robot sculptures

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