The Situation’s Official iPhone App

Looks serious… Buy it here

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nomadic mic

Save your ears, get better sound, and still answer the phone. Nixon’s Nomadic Mic headphones are sweet. They come in a few colors but Black is where it’s at!

opening the floodgates

I have been back and forth on the 3rd party dev tools for the iphone and the use of flash but, lately I am singing a new song. Apple has changed their tune about developing for the iOS. Now that I can use Flash and any other tool to build apps, I am no longer held hostage to LOE’s and Tech limitations….

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Inspected Gadget: Party in your pocket

The iBottleopener iPhone case. Yeah, buddy! Not much more to be said, is there?

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Neuvo Watches Try it Before You Buy it iPhone App

Neuvo Watches simplifies the ordering of watches online by offering a ‘Try it before you buy it’ iPhone App. Nice work guys.
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Prop up your iphone or ipad anywhere

Very cool accessory from MoviePeg. This little prop lets you stand your device up just about anywhere, and it works in both portrait and landscape. They have a smaller version for the iphone as well.

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Inspected Gadget: Inspect your (facebook) privacy

S.N.A.P. is a free iPhone/iOS app that gives you a quick glance at your facebook privacy settings and grades it in a much more intuitive and understandable manner than even the social network itself does. Hopefully facebook takes a tip from this app and at least incorporates the simpler grading view. Via engadget.

Dazed & Confused on your iphone and ipad

Dazed & Confused just released their iPhone and iPad app. The app is free, searchable, and can be downloaded for offline reading. It contains the full issue, however it’s a little hard to navigate on the phone.

Download it here

30 year old iPhone users have more sex than other 30 year old smart phone users

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Morning Dose of Awesome

For those of you who haven’t seen this yet…

Antennagate gets the Taiwanese CGI treatment. If you love Star Wars, and love/hate Apple, then this is your video.


This is a must have for the ADD set.

EpicWin is an iPhone app that puts the adventure back into your life. It’s a streamlined to-do list, to note down all your everday tasks, but with a role-playing spin. You’re rewarded for completing your real-world tasks with XP, loot and levelling-up.”

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The BP Augmented Reality App

The leak in your hometown. Good stuff.

““the leak in your home town” is an iPhone app that lets users see the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill whenever they see a BP logo. A user simply launches the app and aims their iPhone’s camera at the nearest BP logo. What the user sees is one of the broken BP pipes coming out of the BP logo, and out of the pipe comes the oil, pluming upward.”

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Inspected Gadget: iPhone Cassette Case Cover

ThumbsUP! in the UK has a retro iPhone case that doubles as a stand. Kinda neat if you prefer to throw your phone into a backpack and not be a priss about it. Seems like it’s only available through wholesaler order, expect it to pop up at your local lifestyle mall/chain store soon.

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Reign in Pinball Blood!

Released Yesterday, the Slayer Pinball app developed by Pinball HD features original Slayer artwork, voice recordings from singer/bassist Tom Araya, and music from Slayer’s hit album World Painted Blood. Do you need anything else? Buy the app now for $2.99. Available for the iPhone and iPad.

Vuvuzela iPhone App

Keep it real (annoying) while watching your team from the safety of a bar or living room.

Get the app here

Tiny Vices iPhone App

This is a beauty on the iPad too. Photography at its finest.

Download it for free

Inspected Gadget: ESPN FIFA World Cup App

You might want to download the ESPN FIFA World Cup 2010 app on your iPhone today… ESPN is making a pretty big push into its coverage of the sport this year. FYI – Feedback so far is to NOT bother upgrading to the paid version.

analog digital by Maarten Baas

Maarten Baas‘s iPhone app based is based on his Real Time project where the artist painted time in real time. Check out the video after the jump to see it in action and understand it a bit more. Then, when you’re ready download it here.

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