The ColorWare iPhone 5

What? You don’t have one?

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A Wallet For Your iPhone

Made in California by  JAQET

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There’s No Emoji For Bricked Shot

I needed one of those last night. Anyway, Emoji’s Explained.

For The Budding Meteorologist Who Decided To Go Into Finance Instead

The Netatmo Urban Weather Station for the iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Casey Neistat Builds an iPhone 5 dock

From the school of Sachs.

The Tumblr For The Terrible iOS 6 Maps


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Leon Reid IV’s iPhone 6

A cool new sculpture editi0n from Leon Reid IV.

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The Cassette To iPod Converter

It’s time to dig up that old Reebok shoebox in your parents basement storage.

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Shaka Sign Into A Phone Call

The hi-Call is a glove that enables you via bluetooth to talk through your hand.

Lunchtime Laughter

Jimmy Kimmel: People love the new iPhone 5, even though it’s the iPhone 4s.

The Impossible Instant Lab

Your iPhone just went polaroid.

The Future of Home Phones

Philips s10 Premium Cordless Phone

Integrate your mobile and landline into one device using the magic of bluetooth.

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An iPhone Horn

The Natural Acoustics iPhone Amplifier

Dark Sky

The only weather app you really need, especially if dodging rain is your thing.

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The Burner App

Now you can mask your cell phone number.

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For The Birds…

The Incase for Clare Rojas collection

Mophie Outride

Your iPhone just got safe for filming action sports

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Because No One Would Think To Pick Up an iPhone 3G

The iStash

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To The Beach With This Bad Boy

The ECOXPRO is a waterproof speaker and iPhone case that “can be used in the pool, by the hot tub and in the ocean without issue.”

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