Inspected Gadget: Skirt Lift App

Keepin’ it real… lowbrow.

Use your fingers.

My prediction: Apple reinvents advertising too

Apple’s future, I read yesterday about Steve Jobs’ excitement for the release of his ipad and how proud he is of this moment. It is being spoken of as his greatest achievement, which made me start to think about it and what is possible.

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star maps

No, it’s not maps to celebrities homes, it is by far one of the coolest astronomy applications ever for the iphone. The interface feels very “star trek” scifi, especially with all the sound prompts. Check it out, I believe it needs the 3Gs to take advantage of the compass. This video review above maybe from an early version but it gives you a taste of what to expect.

“By holding your iPhone 3GS up against the night sky you’ll see a computer generated map of the heavens. As you pan the iPhone the star map pans in real time, thanks to the app’s Star Spotter function, which links to the 3GS’s compass.”

Graffiti Research Lab’s Dust Tag

“DustTag is an iPhone application designed for graffiti writers that visualizes the motion involved in the creation of a tag. Motion data is recorded, analyzed and archived in a free and open database,,

For more info on the app and all its bells and whistles go here

make your own case


Design your own slim case for your iPhone using a library of designs from I Make My Case.

You can do some pretty cool things,  I only wish you could design from scratch. The cases will set you back $40.00.


Lou Zoom

Lou Reed’s got an iPhone app for the elder set that magnifies your contacts text.  Peep it here

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Inspected Gadget: Altec Lansing iMT620 iPhone Boombox

The Altec Lansing inMotion  iMT620 iPhone Boombox is a pretty sleek, space-age retro looking piece of audio equipment. It has the usual features you’d expect nowadays: iPod/iPhone dock, decent sound loud enough for an apartment party, and a remote.

Why it matters: It has a five hour battery, a telescoping antenna for built in AM/FM radio, and a full size handle. One step better: it comes with travel adapters for US, UK, Europe, China, and Australia.

Get it at Amazon

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Ghostgarden for the iphone

Anita Fontaine has just posted first sneak peaks of her Ghostgarden augmented reality experience for the iPhone. The app( its hard to call it a app when it’s an “art experience” but, anyway it uses the GPS and your location to unlock videos as you explore the physical and virtual world.  Ghostgarden has reinvented  storytelling  it…” will guide the audiences through a fantastical cinematic experience. Sublime visual chapters and spatial sounds will enthrall the viewer as they wander through the gardens locating each point of content with an animated map viewer.” Watch the video yourself and be inspired to create something as cool as this.

*Bespoke versions are currently being created for locations in Australia and China.


Inspected Gadget: DLO WallDock iPhone Charger


Charge your iPhone right in the wall, nicely leaning back from the outlet, with the DLO WallDock iPhone charger. Solution to a problem that didn’t really exist. DLO is short for “Digital Lifestyle Outfitters” which is made by Philips, so it’s likely a quality gadget.

Not sure about you but I’ve always got my phone charging in this one particular spot in the kitchen that looks exactly like the photo – which means my phone is on top of a coiled cable, sometimes on top of something else like a container or some papers to avoid getting hit by spills as it sits on the counter. I even had the screen smashed once when a glass fell out of the cabinet onto it. This looks like a winner.

Via Engadget

twitter is the new google


Twitter looks like they are not a one hit wonder. Check out the new startup from co-founder Jack Dorsey called Square, a mobile payments company. “Square allows anybody with a cell phone or laptop that has a headphone jack to accept credit card payments using a small plug-in dongle, rather than having to purchase costly credit-card processing equipment“. It’s in beta(private beta, that is) and basically means you’re a walking store selling shit on the go. Nice Job!


Think about it, someone wants to buy one of your works… you can complete the transaction on the spot.

Twbe japanese iphone app


Bijin Tokei, the best iphone app ever!, Think of it as a clock and each minute is a new beautiful girl from the streets of Japan. The basic premise is that they photographed a different girl every minute, holding a sign telling you the time. You can also set the alarm to wake to your favorite “6:45 girl”.

Here it is in their own words…

“In “Bijin Tokei”, photographed images of beautiful women in Japan are displayed every minute.
In Japanese, “Bijin” means ‘beautiful woman’.
The photos show beautiful women walking on the streets of Shibuya, Harajuku, etc. From these photos, a real close up image of Tokyo can be seen.
“Tokei” means ‘clock’ in Japanese. This application performs as a clock and will inform you of the current time on your iPhone & iPod touch with style and elegance.
1,440 wonderful beautiful women smile at you.”

Buy Now

random iphone app search


Recently, there has been a number of articles about Apple’s process for approving iphone app. This must be why it takes them so long.  I also curious why do we need this application?  For $1.99 you can have all the Amateur Models in your hands.

colorChange for the iphone

ColorChange by Indivigital is a really awesome app. If you ever wanted to repaint a wall in your place and were unsure about the color to use, this app is the answer. Here is how it works: Take a picture of the wall, then select on the portions you want to paint. It’s smart enough to know trace around pictures, and objects that may be in the shot and you can use its tools to select and erase what you may not want to have colored. Definitely worth the $2.99.

Threadless & Griffin: The latest in iPhone Case collaboration

So Griffin and Threadless are collaborating on some products and sent us a couple of their new cases and some Tees to check out. I have to say that these, by far, are the best cases for the iPhone I’ve used. We told you about the Cozip cases a while back, and it looks like Griffin took some tips from their design and took it up a notch.  The pairing with Threadless adds a unique, one-of-a-kind user generated design to the mix. Another cool thing, the cases will not chip, and the solid plastic with the nice “grippy” texture is very streamline! The cases are available at all Apple stores and Griffin’s website, so finding them will not be a problem.  Check out the video above to hear the whole story.

This would be really annoying


“Apple is seeking a patent for technology that displays advertising on almost anything that has a screen of some kind: computers, phones, televisions, media players, game devices and other consumer electronics.”

Read this article in the NY Times

iPhone Dump (pt.2)

It’s been six months since my last one of these.  Here is some randomness since then.

Daily Burn’s Food Scanner App

If it works as well as it does in the video, it looks pretty awesome. Watch and decide for yourself. You may never shop the same way again.

Buy it

solar powered iphone dock


Save some energy and save some money, all the while looking good doing it. This pretty awesome looking solar charger for your iphone/ipod is from Regen.


iPhone Remote Controlled Car


Maybe in the future this technology will be used in video games for the super rich? Or at least simracing

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