Threadless & Griffin: The latest in iPhone Case collaboration

So Griffin and Threadless are collaborating on some products and sent us a couple of their new cases and some Tees to check out. I have to say that these, by far, are the best cases for the iPhone I’ve used. We told you about the Cozip cases a while back, and it looks like Griffin took some tips from their design and took it up a notch.  The pairing with Threadless adds a unique, one-of-a-kind user generated design to the mix. Another cool thing, the cases will not chip, and the solid plastic with the nice “grippy” texture is very streamline! The cases are available at all Apple stores and Griffin’s website, so finding them will not be a problem.  Check out the video above to hear the whole story.

This would be really annoying


“Apple is seeking a patent for technology that displays advertising on almost anything that has a screen of some kind: computers, phones, televisions, media players, game devices and other consumer electronics.”

Read this article in the NY Times

iPhone Dump (pt.2)

It’s been six months since my last one of these.  Here is some randomness since then.

Daily Burn’s Food Scanner App

If it works as well as it does in the video, it looks pretty awesome. Watch and decide for yourself. You may never shop the same way again.

Buy it

solar powered iphone dock


Save some energy and save some money, all the while looking good doing it. This pretty awesome looking solar charger for your iphone/ipod is from Regen.


iPhone Remote Controlled Car


Maybe in the future this technology will be used in video games for the super rich? Or at least simracing

[Read more]

Seduce a Suicide Girl on your iPhone


Gotta love the minds behind iPhone Apps like this.  More on Seduce a Suicide Girl here

20 Girls That We’re Glad have iPhones

Girls With iPhones is a website devoted to Apple product users, and more often than not they are sexy Apple product users. I’m pretty sure a majority of the girls are in the Adult Entertainment Industry but, does it really matter? Porn is an early adopter of technology, we all know that.  Plus, they are our type anyway. And now without further ado, a selection of Girls that we are happy to see having iPhones, from the website Girls With iPhones (nsfw’ish).

Photoshop for your iPhone


The new photoshop app for the iPhone is really basic but, if you wanted to get advanced wouldn’t you just use a computer?

More info here

consume on the go


Gilt Group’s iPhone app is pretty solid. Push notifications offer an extremely convenient way to drain your bank account.

Puff!, the Best iPhone App ever


Leave it to the Japanese to be one step ahead.  I did not know this but, the iPhone is sensitive to blasts of air (through the mic) as well as touch, which brings us to this app called Puff! One blow on your iPhone and a burst of wind lifts the cute Japanese girls skirt, creating endless upskirts for your entertainment.  Easy, seamless, wonderful.  See the videos after the jump.

[Read more]

Mmmmmm mspot, streaming video


Mobile entertainment startup mSpot is launching its Mobile Movies site, which will let users stream full-length movies on their mobile phones. Don’t worry non-iPhonies, movies will be available on 30 different smart phones, including: the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices and via all four major U.S. carriers.

I think the best part of it is that the rentals range from 24hr-5day, perfect for the commute. They even offer memberships!

for all the details go here.

iphone stand up, paper stand that is

Check out this really cool Iphone paper stand

via here

How to make a Robot iPhone Mask


via, Olivia Munn

can you bring a date for my friend?


The Dell iphone-esque leaked. It’s very similar to the iPhone, only fatter. For more info go here. Do you really want one?

iphone, your Personal Sonar Device

This crazy ass application lets you measure the distance of objects via a sonar device on the iPhone. This actually works, unlike the handy bug repellent applications out there. (itunes)


New Hampshire Iphone dump

So I had a little RR a week ago… So here’s a little dump from the phone, no animals were hurt.
If you like the Quad photos in the dump check out Quad Camera Multi Shot Cam by Takazuki Fukatsu in the iTunes store. One of my favorite applications.

Breaking the Law


Trapster, the iPhone app that helps you speed.

“You’re driving along the highway, maybe exceeding the speed limit, when your iPhone calls out to you: “Police often hide here.”

for more info on the app go here.

Apple Claims Jailbreaking your iPhone will cause Cellphone Towers to Crash


Yeah, and fingerbanging will get a girl pregnant. Wait, that must explain these iPhone finger condoms.

Read the news at Wired

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