Inspected Gadget: Inspect your (facebook) privacy

S.N.A.P. is a free iPhone/iOS app that gives you a quick glance at your facebook privacy settings and grades it in a much more intuitive and understandable manner than even the social network itself does. Hopefully facebook takes a tip from this app and at least incorporates the simpler grading view. Via engadget.

Dazed & Confused on your iphone and ipad

Dazed & Confused just released their iPhone and iPad app. The app is free, searchable, and can be downloaded for offline reading. It contains the full issue, however it’s a little hard to navigate on the phone.

Download it here

Inspected Gadget: iPad WaterGuard Case

A few months back, before the iPad’s release, I had posted the TrendyDigital WaterGuard waterproof iPad cover as a joke. Now, not only does it feel totally applicable for Wet Water Week, but it also looks to be the type of thing that would work well by the hot tub, poolside, bathside, or even if you use your iPad near the kitchen sink or around little ones with grubby hands. Doesn’t look pretty, but I’ll eat my words since according to reviews it apparently does its job well. I get the feeling you wouldn’t want to submerge it.

For those of you who haven’t seen this yet…

Antennagate gets the Taiwanese CGI treatment. If you love Star Wars, and love/hate Apple, then this is your video.

Flipboard for iPad

Flipboard is a “social magazine” that feeds off of your facebook, and twitter, consistently updating content with what your peers like and link to.  If you’re not too much into social networking or have really lame friends, no worries, the app also let’s you pick from  Flipboard’s own selection of deemed important resources.

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iPad Finger Painting with David Kassan

Ribcage for the iPad

This nice iPad case by SwitchEasy kind of reminds me of that McQueen luggage set from a couple season’s ago.  Whatever, this is affordable ($34.99), it comes in either black or white, and you get the following as well:

  • Two portable fold-out stands
  • One anti-static Screen Guard
  • One Microfiber Wipe
  • One Squeegee for your Screen Guard application

Buy it here

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But Why Aren’t the People Moving?

Newscape Technology recently released a movie detailing/demonstrating their fantastic Mobile 3D City application soon to be available on the iPad. It makes all other mapping and navigation tools look flat.

You can pick up their Paris 3D app for the iphone here.

Reign in Pinball Blood!

Released Yesterday, the Slayer Pinball app developed by Pinball HD features original Slayer artwork, voice recordings from singer/bassist Tom Araya, and music from Slayer’s hit album World Painted Blood. Do you need anything else? Buy the app now for $2.99. Available for the iPhone and iPad.

For the writer who just can’t let go of a typewriter

Tiny Vices iPhone App

This is a beauty on the iPad too. Photography at its finest.

Download it for free

The Only iPad Stand You will Ever want…Ever

A Macintosh modded to fit an iPad.  Brilliant.  Watch it in video after the jump.

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Adbusting the iPad in Germany

What looks like an innocent iPad ad…

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Air Display

Air Display turns an iPad into an extra external display. Like most of these “air” apps you need to run an app on your desktop (OS10.6 only).

the ipad + velcro

This gives me an idea.

iPad’s london calling

The ipad has finally made it to out UK friends. The Guardian has a story on iPad first impressions. See what artist David Hockney has to say, as well as many others.

The Guardian

Inspected Gadget: L5 Remote accessory for iPhone/iPod/iPad

Plug the L5 Remote infrared emitter into your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and get rid of that stack of remotes that always disappear when you need them most.

Via Engadget

Comparing Ads. The iPad vs Newton

Watch these two ads: one for Apple’s iPad and the other for the Newton (after the jump). Quite similar.

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Inspected Gadget: MotionX-GPS HD iPad App

The Motion X GPS app for iPad will be available shortly,  showing off a larger, more usable footprint of data from the iPhone version. Gives me some interesting excuses for in-vehicle mounting. The existing version is pretty sweet- I’ve used it to log map routes by bike and car, and the data export can be used to geotag photos. It’s not a turn-by-turn navigation solution, but is a pretty robust tracking app for the data hound in me.

Via Gizmodo

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