An OCD App to Improve and Track Your Life

Daytum’s iPhone App

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Inspected Gadget: Word Lens iPhone App

The Word Lens iPhone and iPod Touch app is a visual translator: live, augmented reality, text translation using the camera on your device. Magical.

Project Brief: Design a version of Project Magazine’s Jeff Bridges Cover

Project Magazine must have gotten some nice marketing dollars from Disney, as they are running a contest to design an alternate version of their recent Jeff Bridges cover. Using their assets (or whatever you put together around the subject of Jeff Bridges and Tron), the top 20 designs will be showcased in a special issue of Project, with the winner designing the Project 2 Cover! For more info on the Project, project head over to their facebook page.

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Richard Branson’s Digital Magazine on the iPad

Raising the bar. Richard Branson iPad only digital magazine Project came out this week. I like what I see. It’s not a groundbreaking experience, but it’s on its way. Compared to the current staple of digital magazines currently available, this one is a winner. You can shop the content, connect to the web for further reading and just enjoy it. The one interesting “experience” I am getting from this magazine, I feel like its content is only available here? Which makes it seem special.

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Inspected Gadget: Wifi for your engine

If you recognize that plug, you know it’s an OBD interface for your car’s engine. What’s that black box, you ask? It’s Innovate Motorsports’ 3831 OT-2 OBD-II Wi-Fi Interface – which transmits engine diagnostics via Wifi to your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, displayed on the free LogWorks Mobile App (after the jump). You can even directly wire in other sensors, such as air/fuel ratio or temperature, and yes, you can use it to wirelessly reset those “check engine” warnings.

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A Must Have Calendar App

Calvetica is one of the best looking calendar programs for the iPhone that we’ve seen. It’s minimal, Helvetica-bound, and easy as hell to use. It syncs with your iCal in the background, and supports all of its features simply and elegantly.

Watch the video now and click to buy

Inspected Gadget: Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter

Up ’til now, prototype videos of the  iPhone-controlled Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter have been floating around, but it’s now available for purchase. Pretty slick quadricopter design allows for multidirectional movement. While it’s obviously cool that the app for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch serves as a remote control for the drone’s movement, it’s even cooler that it displays a video feed from the front of the vehicle, and even better are the game apps that track scoring in dogfights and other types of augmented-reality battles.

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Yahoo’s message

Yahoo just released an update to their messenger app that now allows you to make video calls and stream live one-to-one video over 3G or Wi-Fi. It also lets you call between Android and the iPhone as long as the Android has a front facing camera. Download it here for free

Kenny Powers iPhone App: Home Run Fiesta

Ok, sure, why not?


-Classic Home Run competition game play
-Hundreds of ballsy insults straight from by Eastbound and Down’s Danny McBride
-Retro 8-bit color graphics
-Exclusive Eastbound and Down: Season Dos content
-Five levels of balls-out insanity
-The chance to square off against one of the greatest pitchers of all time. Period.

Available here

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Classic Arcade Games on the iPhone and iPad

Elite is in the process of releasing an app called “ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection (Vol. #1),” which lets you play 25-year-old arcade classics like Paperboy, 1942, Airwolf, Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins, Kokotoni Wilf, and Turbo Esprit on your iPhone (and iPad).

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The New Yorker iPad App

Starring Jason Schwartzmen, directed by Roman Coppola…Condé Nast Money right there.

get your vans fix

These Vans Era wingtips come in black, white (pictured), navy, tan, and sky blue. They are sick to say the least.

Also, if iPhone apps are your thing, check out the one from vans.

The Situation’s Official iPhone App

Looks serious… Buy it here

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This commercial for the Steve Young Football iPad App is the best one we’ve ever seen.

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opening the floodgates

I have been back and forth on the 3rd party dev tools for the iphone and the use of flash but, lately I am singing a new song. Apple has changed their tune about developing for the iOS. Now that I can use Flash and any other tool to build apps, I am no longer held hostage to LOE’s and Tech limitations….

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The Best use for an iPad yet, live TV

Verizon recently announced plans for an iPad application that will give Fios subscribers the ability to watch live television on their iPads. I don’t know about you but, I think that is by far one of the best app ideas yet.


Neuvo Watches Try it Before You Buy it iPhone App

Neuvo Watches simplifies the ordering of watches online by offering a ‘Try it before you buy it’ iPhone App. Nice work guys.
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Inspected Gadget: Inspect your (facebook) privacy

S.N.A.P. is a free iPhone/iOS app that gives you a quick glance at your facebook privacy settings and grades it in a much more intuitive and understandable manner than even the social network itself does. Hopefully facebook takes a tip from this app and at least incorporates the simpler grading view. Via engadget.

Dazed & Confused on your iphone and ipad

Dazed & Confused just released their iPhone and iPad app. The app is free, searchable, and can be downloaded for offline reading. It contains the full issue, however it’s a little hard to navigate on the phone.

Download it here

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