Roger Gastman Gets Tattooed

I have some dumb tattoos. I LOVE dumb tattoos. I’m in Lafayette, Louisiana so decided why not get more? All I knew was it was either going to say Game Recognize Game or On With The Show. I saw a wizzzzzzzard and instantly recognized he had mad game. The guy tattooing me did not have a portfolio. He seemed cool and had been in the tattoo game for two years, so I just went with it. Half way through the wizzzzzard I saw the ICP on his forearm. I was so excited. Like when I see cake. We talked about ICP. He mad dedicated to them. Word. After we finished I asked if he had any more ICP ink. BAM he did not disappoint. Thanks Josh. This Faygo is for you.

Roger Gastman

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Tim Hendricks – Hand Made Tattoo Machines

Saltwater Tattoo Supply

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Love this dude’s work.

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101 Free Sailor Jerry Tattoos

To celebrate what would have been the 101st birthday of Norman Collins, Sailor Jerry is giving away 101 free tattoos featuring his designs (above) to the public on January 14th in NYC, New Orleans, and Chicago.

NYC folks: it’ll be at at Fineline Tattoo at 21 1st Avenue (12pm – 10pm)
Chicago folks: The Chicago Tattooing Company at 1017 W. Belmont (12pm – 12am)
New Orleans folks: Uptown Tattoos at 575 S. Carrolton Avenue (12:30pm – 12am)

For The Kids

A Wooden Crayon Tattoo Gun

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A Compendium of Sailor Tattoos and Their Respective Meanings

Great, informative work from The Scuttlefish and Christina Sun at Bowsprite.

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Tokyo Tattoo 1970

Martha Cooper has a new book out with Dokument Press and a corresponding show opening Friday night (12/9) at Urban Folk Art in Brooklyn. Featuring previously unpublished photographs from her early days in Japan, the works document Japanese tattooing (irezumi) and the artist Horibun I at work.

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A documentary by Ryan Hope about tattoo culture as high art

Tatt Book: Visionaries of Tattoo

Written by Joseph Ari Aloi, with an introduction by Carlo McCormick, Tatt Book is published by Rizzoli and contains 284 pages of tattoos and artwork. Featuring some of the most well-known tattoo artists this book can be used as both inspiration and reference for when and if you decide to get inked.

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Tattoo Age: Troy Denning

Another great profile in this series.

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Another outstanding profile in the Tattoo Age series

Tattoo Age (pt. 2)

What distinguishes Dan Santoro’s flash

Morning Activity

Cheer Henry Rollins up by giving him some new tattoos in this drawing from Brandon Bird

Larger version here

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Tattoo Age

Muppet Show

I wonder if this guy is excited for the new Muppets movie.



Picture of the Day

Imogen Cunningham

The Mark of Cain

A documentary about the “fading art form and language of Russian criminal tattoos.”

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Mister Cartoon Tattoos New York

If you treat your body like an art collection, and are anywhere near NYC, you should make an appointment. Mister Cartoon will be tattooing February 25th through March 5th, 2010.

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Pedro Barrail’s Tattoo Breakfast Table

Real tight.

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