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Gold Coin Clothing

No Pity in the City

This is nice tee from our friend KC Ortiz for Upper Playground.

Order it now, to wear it soon

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Revok x Keegan Gibbs x T.I.T.S.

Definitely feeling this new tee from Revok and Keegan Gibbs.

Buy it at Karmaloop.

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Seen on Scene

Sometimes we get pictures of people wearing our gear, and sometimes we post them. If you have any pictures of you in TWBE gear, send’em over and we’ll make you internet famous for a day.

That’s Josh Madden above, he’s a nice dude.

Biggy Shorty

A T-shirt based on 6 foot 7 Striker Peter Crouch, the tallest man ever to play for the England national team. The shirt is available here

Jeremy Fish’s SF Swingers tee

Definitely feeling this pocket available from Upper Playground

Balmain x DC Comics

Colette just launched a collaborative project with Warner Bros. to celebrate DC Comics 75th Anniversary.  This shirt by Balmain was cool until I looked at the price tag.  oooof.

This T-shirt concept is really cool and you should vote for it on threadless


by Phil Jones


A Child of the Jago 2

This is a great tee from A Child of the Jago

Available at Coggles for $65


For a limited time, buy the t-shirt here


House Of The Gods Keith Richards

Aptly named and available at Asos

The Hottest Shirt on Earth

Buy it right now

If only this was possible


Super Fresh

Haven’t used that term in a while but, this collaboration between Stüssy, Al Fingers, and Greensleeves deserves all types of slang.

Peep the feature


Tribal x ILG T-Shirt Contest

I can remember Tribal Gear from the early 90s.  Tribal, Fat Cap, and Conart were the go-to t-shirts for anyone who surrounded themselves with Graffiti culture (sadly, it is nearly impossible to find any examples of the tees on the internet).  Our friends at I Love Graffiti are holding a T-Shirt Design contest in tandem with the OG Brand, you can find out more here

If Paris Hilton turned into Heidi Montag

Greetings from LA by Ben Tegel for Beautiful Decay

Friday’s Vault: Hawk & McGill & Guerrero & Mountain & Caballero.

Newly available to our store is this Skate Royaltee t-shirt. Hawk & McGill & Guerrero & Mountain & Caballero. Hat-tip to Experimental Jetset. Pick it up for $20 here.

SDTW Rap Sprays Tee Shirt Contest

Our friend Skip is holding a t-Shirt contest over on his site Super Duty Tough Work.

Here are the rules and shit:

– White tee shirt * this means your background needs to be white, retard
– It has to say “Rap Sprays” on it
– It cannot say Super Duty Tough Work
– It cannot have your name on it (don’t try and get clever dawg)
– Design can only be 2 colors (that means 2 colors on white, dumbshit)
– Design has to be on the front of the tee
– No all over bull shit
– No full panel shit
– Half tone if you use photos
– Someone has to be holding a spray can somewhere in your design

Get to it

The Flop Box T-shirt from Pez

Puffy Paint and all.  Available here
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