Uzi Does It

Sheeeeit, this shirt is tight.

See a bunch of ridiculous t-shirts from Israel here

Here is a classic tee

You identify who you are by what you do, as well as what you wear.

Vans Off the Wall

Dear Dana

From Lil’ Wayne and Grace Coddington to Bunnies,  Dear Dana creates some simple, illustrated tees featuring all walks of life. Get yours here

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Revok’s Vandal Vacation T-Shirt

When I saw this I laughed.  The T-shirt is awesome.

Get yours at Karmaloop

MQ x Upper Playground

Nice T-shirt

t-shirt of the day for a cause…

Leif Harmsen, a Toronto based artist is campaigning against Facebook.  After his group, “nude cyclist” was deleted from the Facebook world, Leif began campaign against the totalitarian state of Facebook. His main message to take away from all of this. You do not own your Facebook profile it’s not yours its FB’s.

“The more we come to depend on the site for socializing, the more Facebook controls our lives—and, by selling ads, profits from us”.

Buy one of his “shut your facebook” shirts here.


t-shirt of the day

Love! Fab Five Freddy (Krueger) $27.00


Chirs Nieratko’s Haitian Relief T-shirt concepts

These are brilliant

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Out of Print T-Shirts

These are really cool t-shirts with a good cause behind them.  For every shirt sold, one book is donated to an African community in need through Books For Africa.

Buy a t-shirt here

The Lousy livincompany

Not sure what they’re trying to say here.  From Summer 2009

Lousy Livincompany

You should buy this t-shirt today and wear it whenever it arrives


LOLA comes correct and hilarious with the transcribed text of an “Off-duty police officer’s 911 call after making and eating pot brownies.”  Remember that one? (After the jump)

Buy it here

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The World’s Best T-Shirt Ever


We’re kind of bias obviously.  In the spirit of Cyber Monday, available now in our store is this great fitting tee that makes an impressive statement.

Buy it here

Pose & Augor LRG Shirts, Pieces, video


While cleaning up my desktop, I found these flicks and realized I hadn’t mentioned anything.  Pose & Augor got together with LRG to design some shirts and paint some pieces.  The results were sick as usual, just look at that above.

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Wow, this shirt.


On a design level, this shirt by Fresh Jive is totally on point.  The message is clear, “Hope is Fading Fast.” Well, in 2008 Obama was the only option we had. If only there was a party called Demublican…although Republocrat sounds pretty tight too.  Makin’ Money for the people.

Read the politics behind it here, and have a look at this other tee after the jump that is crazy nice and true.

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power of the mouse


Cheap Monday’s popular revolution! Available at Urban Outfitters UK

This T-Shirt is Amazing


Get the details over at Street Carnage.

(Thanks Alix!)



Fred Flare Green Chewie, a must have! Buy here at Fred Flare

You wish you could own this T-Shirt


Me too.  It’s sold out.  Created by the ever surprising Porous Walker,

See more of the fun here

The Andrew Jeffrey Wright Print & T-Shirt Subscription


From the talented minds at Space 1026 in Philadelphia…

“You will receive one of every print that Andrew Jeffrey Wright produces for the calendar year of 2010 that’s more than 12 NEW prints guaranteed! In addition to the prints you will get one of every t-shirt design that AJW produces for the year. That’s at least 6 designs, maybe more!”

More info can be found here

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