Patrick Martinez Seventh Letter Tee

Available in limited edition exclusively at Known Gallery

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Mirf x Obey

T-shirts available here

Cool “Disco” Dan T-Shirts

The coolest t-shirt to own if you lived in DC any time from the late ’80s to the late ’90s.

Get one

Zulu Nation Hi Tops

C1rca Select got together with Afrika Bambaataa to make some shoes and t-shirts.

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Bold Lines

This tee by Marc Newson for G-Star Raw is rad.

via, dezeen

The Hundreds by Scott Caan

Not just an actor, Scott Caan takes photos as well. The Hundreds took some of those photos and put them on some t-shirts. Available tomorrow exclusively at The Hundreds stores.

More info here

Censored Rap Video Shirt

Smart stuff coming from Mike Davis and Burlesque Design

Donnie Baseball’s Mustache on a T-Shirt

Good looks from Nike.

Available here

20% Off All Tees at African Apparel

Do yourself or someone else a favor and buy a couple of these, there are some real gems.

Use the voucher code: TENTWY to get the discount until this Sunday (1/30).

Futura x 12oz Interview, Video, and Shirts

All of this blossomed while we were away. Better late than never.

Check out the 12oz. store for some sharp looking goods

Sixpack x Tom of Finland

You really have to man-up to wear one of these tees.

more here

T-Shirts by Bob Nickas

Available through White Columns in a limited edition of 36 for the Joy Division / Joan Didion tee (above), and 30 for the Charlie Brown tee (below).  Fatties need not apply, as the biggest size is a Large.

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Art Is For Mobsters

A good looking t-shirt from A.P.C. for their Fall 2011 collection

The All Seeing Eye

A nice new tee from FucknFilthy.

Available here

The Ugly Christmas Sweater T-Shirt

Simple idea.

via, @designmilk

Tuten Char

A nice tee from Aton Clothing

The Photographer’s Tee

TRI-X available though Hamburger Eyes

Black Hole # 6

Designed by Sean Coggins for African Apparel.

“One night when I was messing around with Audacity making an absurdly long mix tape and all 60 tracks where imported to the same point in the time-line. I played it once just to see what it sounds like and I basically got phase cancellation or a demonic white noise.These is the graphic equivalent of the audio signal. I thought it was pretty funny that black metal makes white noise. It perpetuates a belief in a binary hierarchy between good and evil. If the inversion of a symbol or ideology equates to the antithesis of its initial reading then the possibilities of formal analysis are limited to a rhetorically frozen gesture. If evil author equates evil audience, then the range of existential options is too easily determined and eliminates the vast sea of contextual grey.”

Available here

Just Dude It

A nice call to action t-shirt for Prop. 19 produced by Rogue Monk.

While we’re at it…Rogue Monk is an open-source fashion retailer, meaning that you as a designer have the chance to make money by creating and promoting designs created for the site. The fact that there is no overhead should make this tempting.

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