Red Text on White


Action Causes More Trouble Than Thought, a vintage Jenny Holzer find.

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KAWS for Alarm


Giving hope across the globe to kids who carry cans of spraypaint.

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Art Crimes


A t-shirt with a list of some of the most infamous art vandalisms in history, by Vacancy Projects.

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Barreling Down Broadway


CHINESE NEW YEAR with the tees to please.

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Swank Push


J. Grant Brittain x Arkitip x Noah

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Together in Fructose


Nathaniel Russell x Artifact.

Way Out Here


Long hair Peanuts don’t care.

Spring Flowers


B Thom Stevenson x Silent Sound

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From the Barstool to the Voting Booth


Barney Sanders: Feel The Burp

A Beacon of Hope For the Arts in San Francisco


Founded by entrepreneurs and collectors Deborah and Andy Rappaport, the Minnesota Street Project will offer 100,000 square feet of affordable studio and gallery space in the Dogpatch of San Francisco. Slated to open in March 2016, the MSP will also venture into the world of editioned products, with the first being a bundle of artist-designed t-shirts by Rirkrit Tiravanija, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Jim Goldberg, Mitzi Pederson, and Lindsey White with Ron Lynch.

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Originally designed in 1993, the X-Lesh tee by More More Now in collaboration with From The Lot.

Making Something Out of Something

Selected designs from Printed Matter’s Bootleg T-Shirt Show. Available for purchase here

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