In the Studio of Peter Sutherland

In the Studio of Taylor McKimens

Taylor McKimens is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work has been shown around the globe, and on this website. His vibrant, organic paintings are some of our favorites.

In The Studio of Devin Troy

This week, we visited the studio of artist Devin Troy Strother, who is preparing for his third solo exhibition at Richard Heller Gallery in Los Angeles. Devin uses glitter, paper and paint to create mixed-media collages that open a dialogue between him and the viewer. His exhibition, Look at All My Shit, opens on September 7.

Photography by Brigitte Sire

In the Studio of Chuck Webster

New York artist Chuck Webster opens up an enormous solo show next week (9/5) at Betty Cunningham Gallery in Chelsea. We stopped by his Greenpoint studio for a visit.

Roy Lichtenstein in his Studio

Photos taken by Laurie Lambrecht between 1990 and 1993.

Inside The Studio of Ron Mueck

Photographs by Gautier Deblonde

Ron Mueck opens a new exhibition today at the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain. It is on view through September 29th.

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Cool Hunting visits the studio of Tomokazu Matsuyama

In the Studio of Madsteez

We recently visited the Costa Mesa studio of MADSTEEZ. Known for his bold artwork, Mr. Ween’s workspace is as colorful as the artist himself.

In The Studio of Andrew Schoultz

A couple weeks ago we visited the studio of San Francisco-based artist Andrew Schoultz. Here’s a peek into what we saw.

In The Studio of Eddie Martinez

Brooklyn-based painter Eddie Martinez opens a new show, Seeker, in about a half an hour at Peres Projects in Berlin. We stopped by his studio last month to hang out and see some of the work before it got shipped. Here it is.

Reyes, Steel, and Amandalynn

While in SF last month, I had the opportunity to visit the studio space of those three talented artists mentioned in the headline.

In The Studio of Richard Colman

Richard Colman is a San Francisco-based artist who I’ve been fortunate enough to know since I was probably 13. His work is magic, so you should definitely find one of the galleries that represents him and buy up all of his work. If your stacks are short, you can also purchase the tote bag he made for us here. Enjoy!

In The Studio Of Sage Vaughn

We caught up with Sage Vaughn in anticipation of the Terri & Gary show, A Depiction of Love and Reality opening at THIS tonight.

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In The Studio of Faile

We recently G’d over to Williamsburg to check in on all the art and inspiration in Faile‘s studio.

In The Studio of Freedom

The legendary graffiti artist Freedom aka Chris Pape has a tunnel named after him and show coming up at Corey Helford in April.

In The Studio of Brandon Friend

Brandon Friend is a Queens-based artist who works mainly in collage. He has a bunch of work from his Defender series up online which you can peep here.

In The Studio of Steve Powers

One can only surmise that opening the door to Steve Powers‘ studio is like going through his earlobe and arriving inside his brain. Creativity everywhere.