Are we the only ones wondering how he obtains the animal sperm?

A man who throws animal semen on schoolgirls is being hunted by police following a sixth attack

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“Billy Ray, that’s not what she meant when she asked for a teddy”

That was a brilliant comment on Film Drunk in response to the news that Miley Cyrus’s nine year old sister was tapped to design an actual lingerie line for kids.

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Darth Vader was a freak

Who knew?


Puppies on a monorail



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Further Adventures in food styling with Salmon

Following up on Eric Ripert’s salmon dish, there’s this.

(thanks Matt!)

A Cave of Crystals

The Naica silver mine is like a real fortress of solitude

What’ll they think of next? (pt. 4)

eat your heart out

Here is a photo of an edible wedding dress or a wearable cake? Insert so many bad jokes now.


What’ll They Think Of Next? (pt. 3)


Conspiracy Theories about the Earthquake in Haiti

These were bound to pop-up.

“What was HAARP up to on January 12, 1010? The official HAARP facility is located in Gakuna, Alaska. The conspiracy theory claims that HAARP could be used as directed-energy weapon, weather control, an earthquake induction device and/or for mind control.”

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Cat Taxidermy

Creepy as hell.

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Strange Trim

The Top 10 Most Amazing Vaginas (Sadly, safe for work)

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