this will make you cross your legs

5 Horrifying Things Mother Nature Made to Wreck Your Junk


Interesting icon…

like a handless, legless Ultimate Fighter

Possibly the craziest headline of the year.

Jacoby Smith beat up quadruple amputee girlfriend in self-defense

“She’ll swing, push me down and choke me with her nubs,”

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um… The Bacon At-At

I think these guys went too far on this one.

“The Bacon AT-AT stands 3 ft tall and is made with over 40 lbs of bacon.”

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build your own rat mobile

Of course, this is awesome. Makers Market, has the pdf to complete this project. BTW recommended for children 8+

We’re feeling that a bidding war is about to begin

More auctioned dolls here

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A visual tour through a Japanese Sex Museum

Unfortunately, the Hihokan Erotic Museum closed in 2007 but, these photos help keep the dream alive.  And if you’ve ever wanted to see a whale’s dick, you’re in luck. Once again, Japan blows my mind.

This guy…


this ain’t no bang bus

Rotel Tours has been operating a rolling hotel tour bus since 1959. From the look of the rooms, I can’t imagine how comfortable the ride is?  But for the amount of time they’ve been operating and the destinations they hit, it must be alright.

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Alien abduction lamp

This great Alien abduction lamp was designed Lasse Klein. It will cost you $136.00 and go perfectly next to your X-files box set and poster.


WTF, Drunk and high dad leaves son in the oven

After smoking weed at work…
“Larry Long, 33, returned home to share a fifth of whiskey with the baby’s mother, Brandy Hatton, McCracken”…

This does not look good! Read the whole story about smoking weed drinking a bottle of whiskey with the babies mama and putting your five week old in the oven overnight. Are people really that f’d up?

Let’s Get Weird

LaVonne Sallee gets crazy when it comes to custom-made Barbies.
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