build your own rat mobile

Of course, this is awesome. Makers Market, has the pdf to complete this project. BTW recommended for children 8+

We’re feeling that a bidding war is about to begin

More auctioned dolls here

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A visual tour through a Japanese Sex Museum

Unfortunately, the Hihokan Erotic Museum closed in 2007 but, these photos help keep the dream alive.  And if you’ve ever wanted to see a whale’s dick, you’re in luck. Once again, Japan blows my mind.

This guy…


this ain’t no bang bus

Rotel Tours has been operating a rolling hotel tour bus since 1959. From the look of the rooms, I can’t imagine how comfortable the ride is?  But for the amount of time they’ve been operating and the destinations they hit, it must be alright.

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Alien abduction lamp

This great Alien abduction lamp was designed Lasse Klein. It will cost you $136.00 and go perfectly next to your X-files box set and poster.


WTF, Drunk and high dad leaves son in the oven

After smoking weed at work…
“Larry Long, 33, returned home to share a fifth of whiskey with the baby’s mother, Brandy Hatton, McCracken”…

This does not look good! Read the whole story about smoking weed drinking a bottle of whiskey with the babies mama and putting your five week old in the oven overnight. Are people really that f’d up?

Let’s Get Weird

LaVonne Sallee gets crazy when it comes to custom-made Barbies.
Peep the Etsy Store


HellBoy’s grandma.

“A 101-year-old woman in China has baffled doctors after growing a huge goat-like horn on her forehead.”


smoke ’em if you got ’em

Following up on our love of  bizarre Star Wars references, we could not pass up this photo of C3PO smoking. More lost photos from the Star Wars archive.

Rubbed Out By A Giant Pencil

From Pure Evil:

“This just went down in Brighton… apparently the guy killed himself with the pencil… like, stabbed himself in the leg a bunch of times….”

Tampon Chandelier

Perfect for a leaky ceiling.

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The Phuket Vegetarian Festival

I don’t really know what’s going on, something about dieting to make you holy?  What I do know, is that there is a pic of a man with a machine gun through his mouth on the other side of this post.  Learn more about the Phuket Vegetarian Festival here

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Sparkle bush


That other Lip Stick

This is wild shit.

From the site:

“My New Pink Button ™ is a temporary dye to restore the youthful pink color back to your labia. There is no other product like it. This patent pending formula was designed by a female certified Paramedical Esthetician after she discovered her own genital color loss. While looking online for a solution she discovered thousands of other women asking the same questions regarding their color loss. After countless searches revealing no solution available and a discussion with her own gynecologist she decided to create her own. Now there is a solution!”

The Meat Stylus

Apparently using sausages as stylus’ is huge in Korea!

Meatball Production Flow Chart

Now you know

(Thanks Hallie!)

The Telephone Book (1971)

This is a wild one.

The story of a girl who falls in love with the world’s greatest obscene phone call.

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