The “Already Been Chewed” Gum Burger

Winter Fresh, Big Red, Spearmint, and Juicy Fruit.

From Everything Burger

So Wrong but, So Right

ToyStory XXX


This Guy…

Boomer the Dog. Pittsburgh, go figure.

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sushiborg Yukari

Sushiborg Yukari is an interesting project by Sputniko that is a twist on the tradition of Nyotai Mori, the Japanese practice of serving Sushi on naked women. She is a cyborg designed to serve sushi on her rotating belt, and is equipped with enough intelligence to begin to grow weary about the way she was designed,

“When Yukari’s programmed intelligence develops enough to understand her functionality as a sex object, she struggles to accept her role – slowly, Yukari attaches knives to her own body, modifying herself to become a lethal weapon, plotting to one day escape the Sushi restaurant she now feels captive with in…”

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Star Wars + Richard Pryor…why?

Wipe that Fart Smell away with Subtle Butt

One would hope that a foul smell would never come out of a booty like that. Subtle Butt is a Disposable Gas Neutralizer.

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Hair Hats

Hair Hats created by Japanese art director Nagi Noda.

Sushi Popper

Somehow I don’t think this is going to catch on but, it was real genius to put the soy sauce in the handle.

World’s Greatest Headline Ever

Afraid that the Snickers might satisfy her


X-Wing Extended

Although Old in internet standards, the Star Wars Yoga poses are still as amazing today as they were then.

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Not Virtual Insanity: Jamiroquai is selling Cup Noodles in Japan


Crazy military experiments

At one point the military had the idea of strapping incendiary bombs to bats and dropping them over Japan. The goal was to have the bats nest in barns attics and in houses and then when the bomb would go off it would start a fire. Check out this article at Wired that exposes that and many other crazy military ideas.

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