The Non-Consideration List


Another day, another dead mascot. Here are 320 pages of names the University of North Dakota will not use to replace the Fighting Sioux nickname, which was retired back in 2012.



Boxing Brain, a new sculptural edition by Ron English

Nothing Quite Like a Child’s Written Testimony to Make You Hope Pacquiao Wins by KO


This Is How Las Vegas Protects Floyd Mayweather



It’s one thing to not see fans in their seats behind homeplate, it’s another to have nobody in the stands at all. Watch the weirdest professional baseball game experience right now for free on MLB.TV as the Orioles crush the White Sox.

“But Coach, We Play Football”

Football Town Nights

Like a Segway for Surfing Golfers


The GolfBoard

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Manager Meltdowns


A link to some of the best in the history of baseball.

Strictly Lay-Ups and Pull-Up Jumpers


The Picasso Bulls

Cream City Basketball



Props to Doubleday & Cartwright for their redesign of the Milwaukee Bucks brand identity.


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The Golden Bear hit a hole-in-one on Wednesday during the Masters Par-3 contest.

“If this is the size that God wanted me to be, I’m going to be this size”


The life of Andre the Giant

Kissing Away The Family Creation


John A. Hillerich IV, great-grandson of Bud Hillerich, the man who brought baseball to Hillerich & Bradsby, announced that the family company  just sold the intellectual property rights to their Louisville Slugger brand for $70 million to Amer Sports, the Finnish parent company of sporting goods giant Wilson.

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