We picked up a rare copy of Eric Elms’ 2011 zine featuring “a collection of images cut from old NBA posters highlighting the fans staring in unison at the slam dunks” when we visited his studio last week.



Who’s on Third? In Baseball’s Shifting Defenses, Maybe Nobody by David Waldstein

For more than 100 years, baseball looked pretty much the same from the grandstands. There were three players spread in the outfield, a pitcher on the mound, a catcher behind the plate, and four infielders neatly aligned, two on each side of second base. But a radical reworking of defensive principles is reshaping the way the old game is played, and even the way it looks. If you cannot find the third baseman, he might be the one standing in shallow right field. The second baseman? That’s him on the other side of the diamond, next to the shortstop.

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Hacky Sacks by Peter Sutherland

The Finisher


The guys at No Mas repurposed a vintage satin Mets Starter Jacket and made it into a duffle bag

A Bat is Carved From Wood, and Dodger Stadium is Carved From a Mountain


The story behind the building of that old ballpark in Chavez Ravine.

Sophisticated Fandom


The Fred Perry World Cup 2014 Polo pack will be available next week.

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Early Warning Signs of World Cup Fever


The adidas Graphic Tango Crew Neck

Some People…


Super-climber Alex Honnold just “scrambling” up the side of a building in San Francisco the other day.

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The Great Sandstorm, the First Professional Sumo Wrestler from the Middle East

Becoming Sumo is a profile of Ōsunaarashi (大砂嵐金太郎).

Directed and Produced by Salazar

A Ball in Hand is Worth Two on The Green


Some vandalism occurred on the First green at the Darwin Golf Club in Australia’s Northern Territory

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Chadwick’s Choice: The Origin of the Batting Average by John Thorn



In Deep by Burkhard Bilger

The dark and dangerous world of extreme cavers.

The Mini Masters


Morning Dose of Golf Ninja

Like a sand wedge from hell

Baseball Card Vandals

Having a sense of humor is important

The Ultimate Warrior, Rest in Peace


James Hellwig aka The Ultimate Warrior passed away yesterday, just 3 days after being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. His classic intensity is showcased, below.

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Shabazz Napier’s One Shining Moment of Truth by Ian Crouch

The NCAA champ who can’t afford to eat

Kings of Swings


The old connection between jazz and baseball



Beer Money and Babe Ruth: Why the Yankees Triumphed During Prohibition by Ben Marks

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