The Beauty of Space Photography

PBS Off Book gets galactic



The Man Who Pierced the Sky by William Langewiesche

When Felix Baumgartner set out to make a living by stunt jumping—from cliffs, buildings, and bridges—the young Austrian had no idea where it would take him: to a pressurized capsule nearly 24 miles above New Mexico, last October 14, preparing to free-fall farther than any man in history, and at supersonic speed. Detailing Baumgartner’s quest, William Langewiesche explores what drove him to ever greater heights.

Weekend Watching: Night of The Comet (1984)

“A comet wipes out most of life on Earth, leaving two Valley Girls to fight the evil types who survive.”

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4.56 billion years


That’s how old this green meteorite from Mercury is.

The Latest International Space Station Mission Patch


Designed by Shepard Fairey

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Lunar Speculation


The Man Who Sells the Moon

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Morning Dose of Meteor Blast

Putting the Size of the Moon into Perspective


Here’s a map of the US overlaid on the moon.

The Asteroid Formally Known as 274301 has been re-named ‘Wikipedia’



Born To Fly


The Story of Red Bull Stratos

created by Doubleday & Cartwright

Muhammad Ali Goes to Mars

The Lost Interview

There We Go…



Allegedly, the Church of Scientology has an “Alien Space Cathedral” in New Mexico.

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