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40 Light-Years to Life


Three potentially habitable, Earth-like planets have been discovered in another star system.

Space, Travel


“Visions of the Future” from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

An Artist-In-Residence Program That’s Out of This World


Invader at the European Space Agency.

Red Planet, Now Wet Planet


NASA has found evidence that liquid water exists on Mars.

Ruskin Says That All Letters Are Frightful Things


NASA just released a downloadable .pdf of their now famous 1976 design manual.

Earth from One Million Miles Away


The Blue Marble, photographed from NASA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR).

Space, The Final Porno Frontier


Pornhub is trying to crowdfund $3,400,000 for an intergalactic “Sexploration” with sexy newcomer Eva Lovia and veteran stud Johnny Sins.

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When You’re Picking Up a Hoe in Zero Gravity


The Space Gardener Tee by Sassafras

Postcards From Space


New (small) paintings by Michael Kagan.

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The Sad Reality of a Cheeseburger in Space


As eaten by astronaut Terry Virts.

The ingredients if you want to make one at home: Beef patties, Russian mustard, tomato paste, cheese paste, and tortilla. Just make sure to follow it up with some space ice cream.

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Black Supermoon


No, it’s not a Brothers who Lyrically Act and Combine Kickin Music Out On Nations all-star group, it’s a rare new moon that will be in the sky tonight (2/18) and not returning again until until Oct. 30th 2016.

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