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Casey Neistat Snowboarding New York City

Morning Dose of The Ride

Skate, Surf, Snow… Eclectic Method

Action Sports Analytics


Trace is a tiny piece of technology that attaches to your action board and measures key data from your session, beaming it directly to your smart phone.

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On His Own Terms


Travis Rice and The Art of Flight

The Denali Experiment

“An attempt to climb, ski and snowboard Denali.”

Surf The Snow

An interview with Jake Burton during the first ever snowboarding competition in 1981.

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Progressive Norwegian Snowboarding

A Shot in the Dark is an upcoming documentary film featuring big air and extreme snowboarding. Made over the course of two years by Process Films, A Shot in the Dark is scheduled for release in 2011. We cannot wait.

A More Utilitarian Hoodie

We’ve always thought that hoodies could use a few extra pockets, and this Burton Westside Premium Hoodie is the answer.

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Stoked On Spring

Stoked Mentoring runs programs to get at-risk youth in NYC to spend their idle time involved in board sports – getting them on decks year round in the city, snowboards in the mountains in wintertime, and surfboards out at the beaches in the summertime. Their annual benefit auction takes place on Wednesday, May 19th at Milk Gallery. Artwork up for grabs: Damien Hirst, Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, Spencer Tunick, Art brewer, Wilfredo Chiesa, Billi Kid, Hiroyuki Matsuura, Hubert Waldroup, Jeremy Dean, Jayson Atienza, Sofia Maldonado, Josh Cheuse, and loads more.

Snowboarding on Dead Celebrities

Cool Hunting previewed Vermont-based snowboard company Rome SDS‘s upcoming snowboard collection. This one above, Mike Forester’s Agent Rocker 157, caught our eye.  It’s a take on The Last Supper, featuring MJ as JC and a bunch of other recently deceased celebs as Apostles.

protect your nugget with Bern


I recently bought one of these helmets from Bern. They are featured in GQ’s December issue. (Jocking my style…anyway) It’s very cool and breathable (flat black was my choice). I recommend it if you need to protect your nugget. They also have inserts for snowboarding and winter that keep your ears warm. Some of them even have built in headphones—a nice touch.

Richard Colman’s got a Snowboard


Truth be told, The Enablist has never been on a ski mountain in his life.  If I ever was to go on one, I would probably ride a snowboard down the hill and this would be the snowboard I would ride.  Monument x Richard Colman.  Boo ya.  I also like the fact that Monument has DC’s flag as its web icon, Chocolate City.

2010 Burton Catalog – “The Good Book”

By: PeteChicago

Burton 2010 Catalog

Burton 2010 Catalog

Burton Snowboards has released a limited edition book of tasty gear for the upcoming 2009-2010 riding season. It’s got an embossed faux leather cover, gold edge pages, and a red pageholder ribbon. The interior pages are full of solid design work ranging from 1970’s folk art illustrations to style mimics of modern drug ads. If you weren’t lucky enough to receive one in the mail, grab it at one of their flagship stores. [Read more]

best reason to ask for trouble

So winter is on its way, and you need a new board. Why not pick up one of the new Burton “Love” boards.

Here’s the quote from the site….”Hi. My name is Love™ and I’m on the market for someone who’s looking to score serious action, no matter where they like to stick it. I enjoy laps through the park; long, hard grinds on my meaty Park Edges; followed by a good, hot waxing. Whether you’re hitting it from the front or the back, my mid wide shape, supple flex, and twin tips like it kinky. Keegan and Mikkel love riding me, I hope you will too.”

Try to explain that to your mom, your girl, your sister, your grandmother, on the family trip to Colorado. Better yet try picking up a girl with one of these. Although if I saw a girl riding one …. well, that would be interesting.  Here’s the breakdown…..

  • SHAPE: Twin
  • FLEX: Twin
  • BASE: Sintered Vision
  • CORE: Park Fly II™ Core with Dualzone™ EGD™ and Negative Profile
  • FIBERGLASS: NEW Dual Density Triax™ Response
  • SIDEWALLS: 10:45™
  • EDGES: NEW Park Edge with Rail Ready™ Tune
  • EXTRAS: Pro-Tip™, Elliptical Kicks, and Infinite Ride™

Click here for more details and to purchase.