Babes of Yore: Vikki Dougan

Vikki Dougan was known as “The Back”


The Cover May Change But The Message Stays The Same

Penguin Classics just released a Deluxe Edition Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto with a new cover design by French comic artist Patrice Killoffer. In a spirited move, we’ve obtained 3 copies to give away. Here’s how you can get one. Find the most discreet way possible to contact us, and the book is yours. You have 3 days (until Friday, March 11th).

If you just can’t figure something out, the book is available for purchase here

A Visit to Globe Posters

Last week, Roger, Angelique, Caleb and I took a trip to Baltimore. We visited SHAKEN, ate crab balls at Chappie’s, explored the punk rock/graffiti den known as the Loft, and visited a strip club where the stage was made out of raw plywood (because there’s nothing sexier than strippers with splinters). But most memorable of all was our tour of the historic Globe Posters. Founded in 1929, Globe produced bills for almost every soul, funk, rhythm & blues or hip-hop act imaginable. Their designs, chunks of florescent colors and typefaces are now iconic, and it was a privilege to visit Globe before it is gone. Due to financial issues, Globe closed its doors last year, but co-owner Bob Cicero granted us a special tour of the shop and its piles of original posters, hand-carved wood type and vintage print blocks. These are probably some of the last photos you will see of this amazing place. Bob estimated that Globe will be gone for good within the next two months.


Inside Scope NY

The smell of processed meat looms over these pictures.

More on the fair here

Inside the Independent

A nice fair to visit on a rainy Sunday.

More info on the fair here

Inside the 2011 Volta NY Fair

The solo show aspect of Volta NY makes it really easy to digest. Lots of great artists.

More on the Volta NY Fair here

In The Studio of Faile

We recently G’d over to Williamsburg to check in on all the art and inspiration in Faile‘s studio.

Inside the 2011 Armory Show


More on the Armory Show here

Babes of Yore: Nadia Cassini

Nadia Cassini was an actress, showgirl, and all around sexy lady.


Pictures of Walls

This book is nice to have lying around whether you need a laugh, or some motivation to get your thoughts out there.  You can also visit the website, which is amazing as well.

info on purchasing here

Borromean Studies

Cool book sculptures from Gareth Spor

via, triangulation

Pretty Girls with Long, Thin Shadows

Stunning shots of Alexander Wang’s Fall Winter 2011 collection runway show by Julia Chesky.

After the jump: Backstage fun
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Graff Maps

Dirty Pilot currently has a show online featuring NY Subway maps painted on by graffiti legends.

More here

Pontiac Trans Am

The only car they should have ever made past 1984. RIP, Pontiac.

Babes of Yore: Florinda Bolkan

Florinda Bolkan is a Brazilian actress



Great photos

Notable Lots

There are some choice pieces of art for sale to whoever wants to pay the most.

Phillips De Pury Day Sale Contemporary Art

London. February 18th, 2011

In the Trees: Twin Peaks 20th Anniversary Art Exhibition

Sad I missed this one, as Bob is still one of the only things that truly puts a scare into me. Tim Biskup’s painting of Laura Palmer is off the charts too, as well as David Lynch’s Map print.  Hell, the whole idea is amazing.

Visit the site here, and if your’e interested in buyart or merchandise click here

The Mondrian Los Angeles

Without a doubt, the Mondrian LA is the coolest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. The rooms are super comfortable, the beds are nap inducing, and the space is equipped with this crazy oversized double-sided mirror in the center that both reflects your person and houses the tv, rotating on a pole to face you wherever you are. A lot of things in this hotel are oversized actually, and for big person like me it’s welcome. Leaving the room, the in-house entertainment factor is on point too. Kenzo Digital happened to be in town at the same time, so we successfully hit up the SKYBAR downstairs, and unsuccessfully tried to get a match at the Hollywood offshoot of the SPiN ping-pong club. There are good times to be had in the Mondrian LA, and it is definitely the place to stay if you want some upscale comfort with that exclusive, Hollywood shine.

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