Dino Style

Jay Jay Burridge‘s When Superstar’s Ruled the World is quite a spectacle. It’s open daily (noon – 8pm) until August 26th at Lazarides Temporary Gallery & Shop, Beverly Hills. 320 North Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills CA 90210
photos by Yuri Hasegawa
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An Interview & Studio Visit with David Cook

Our friend Alix McAlpine caught up with Brooklyn artist David Cook at his Greenpoint home/studio before he packed up for his show at White Walls in San Francisco, opening this Saturday, August 14th.

Re-Up: Awesome 1980s BMX Bikes

Re-Up is where where take old features from our archive and make them new again.

All images courtesy of the BMX Museum.

Omnibot, your high-tech humble servant

After looking at everything the Omnibot and Omnibot 2000 could do back in the 80s, I’m very confused as to why we haven’t developed the ultimate programmable servant robot yet? I mean, all it really has to do is fetch drinks and play some tunes.
Here are some of the features:
“The Omnibot had a cassette tape player built into the chest area of the robot, which slid out like a drawer to reveal the cassette and could record and playback sequences of commands, as well as regular audio recordings. The built in digital clock with timers and alarms allowed the playback of movement recordings at specified times. It was able to broadcast speech from the remote control handset through a speaker on the robot, and was shipped with a cardboard “home” base which was suggested to be taped to the floor and used as a reference point for programming. The Omnibot carried a specially made tray which slotted into its claws, and could carry objects.”

Sounds ideal, right? Swap out the tape with an mp3 and a hard drive, make the flashlight eyes into a video projector, and maybe put an extendable spine in it so it can achieve different hegihts.

The video after the jump is even more convincing.

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90 Minutes of art in Chelsea

I was just going to take pictures of ‘closed for August’ signs but, that would’ve been too easy.

Christoph Nieman’s visual Diary of a flight from New York to Berlin

Taken from his fantastic blog, Abstract City

Jackalope City

Douglas, Wyoming is home to the Jackalope.
For those not familiar with the Jackalope, it is a jackrabbit with the antlers of an antelope.

Babes of Yore: Elke Sommer

Elke Sommer is a German-born actress, entertainer and artist.

Big thanks to our girl Kristin who makes this feature happen every week

The White Wolf Saloon

One of the best bars in Wyoming, if not America. I spent the other afternoon in The White Wolf watching Madhouse, drinking Budweiser, and eating pretzels. It was ideal, and the taxidermy kept me comfortable. Also to be noted is that Elvis, the alligator from Miami Vice is stuffed in here as well.

The White Wolf Saloon
318 Center St
Douglas, WY, 82633

The 7 Hottest Women in the World at This Moment (pt. 4)

We did a ton of analytical research to find this out.

See the last 7 here here and here

Waterfalls Around the World

Alex Lukas

It wouldn’t be Wet Water Week without showing the work of super homie talented artist, Alex Lukas.

Loss of the Pilot Boat Jacob A. Westervelt (No. 19)

This is an essay written by my Grandfather, Norman Tengstrom, about the sinking of the Pilot Boat Jacob A. Westervelt (No. 19) and death of my great great great grandfather Captain John O’Keefe off the New York Harbor. I also included a gallery of the Captain’s log at the end (amazing script).

“The New York Pilot boat Jacob A. Westervelt was run down and sunk by the New Hamburg screw-steamer Saxonia on Tuesday morning, April 20, 1858, her Captain, John O’Keefe, drowned.  Captain O’Keefe was one of the most intrepid and capable of our pilots, and was a brother of Maurice O’Keefe, deputy U.S. Marshal.”

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Cenotés of the Yucatán

Cenotés are deep, fresh water-filled sinkholes that the Mayans thought of as entrances to the underworld. Simply gorgeous to explore.
For a full list of Cenotés to visit while in the Yucatán, click here

The Cardiff Kook

Recently, there was a shark attack on the Cardiff Kook in Cardiff by the Sea, California. Apparently there have been plenty of other interventions as well. Pure Gold.
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Yacht Party

The World’s Best Yachts.
Winners of May’s 2010 World Superyacht Awards

Babes of Yore: Swimsuit Edition

Get Wet

Big thanks to our girl Kristin who makes this feature happen every week

Steve Nazar

Steve Nazar is the man behind some of the greatest T-shirt Graphics and characters of all-time for T&C Surf Designs. Thrilla Gorilla, Joe Cool, Primal Pete, and the Pray For Surf Guys, all classic. I am super-psyched that Steve has made available some original drawings and prints of these graphics that were previously archived. They are affordable as well, so you should jump on over to his site to own a piece of surf history.
Buy now.

Moraine Lake

Situated in the Canadian Rockies in Banff National Park, Moraine Lake is definitely one of the most beautiful places on earth. Due to the refraction of light off the rock flour deposits, the glacier-fed lake glows the most beautiful blue.  The hotel which sits on it, Moraine Lake Lodge, isn’t too shabby either.

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