Installation View: Retna – Silver Lining

On view at Primary Projects until January 30th, 2011
4141 NE Second Avenue, Suite 104
Miami, Fl 33137

A Look Through Andrew Kuo’s What Me Worry

I recommend you buy one for yourself, and one as a gift to a friend who likes smart shit.
Available through the Standard exclusively until February

Miami is the Only Place Where Graffiti Increases the Property Value

A random assortment of great, mostly unfinished work.

Those Who Instigate Fear are Fearful Themselves

Scared Dictators

via, whokilledbambi

Babes of Yore: Julie Newmar

Julie Newmar was the original Cat Woman.

Big thanks to our girl Kristin who makes this feature happen every week

Installation View: Sanrio’s Small Gift

Never before have I seen grown-ups have so much fun with Hello Kitty…and that Danzig piece, whoa!

NadaNutha Fair Better

Nada‘s art fair at the Deauville Beach Resort was definitely my favorite in Miami.

Small Gifts, Big Gifts

Photographs by Willie T

OHWOW’s It Ain’t Fair

Aurel Schmidt’s work was Darrell Bananas.

A Moderate Pulse at Pulse

Okay Mountain and the return of Mike Brodie…Also Kate Moss.

Art Basel Miami in 2 Hours or So

That fair is so huge.

60 Minutes at the Scope Art Fair

Babes of Yore: Monica Vitti

Monica Vitti is an Italian actress.

Big thanks to our girl Kristin who makes this feature happen every week

Guns, Drugs, and Hot Tubs

An inside look at the recent battle to clean up Rio.

Lots more at R7

Storyboarding with Blu

If you’ve ever wondered about the process that goes into Blu‘s famous street art animations, here are some sketches (which are for sale) storyboarding out his latest BIG BANG BIG BOOM.

[Read more]

Our Own Black Friday Cyber Monday

In celebration of receiving these fantastic pictures by Alex Albeck of model Anna Brown in an assortment of our gear, we’re putting a bunch of goods on sale through midnight (est) Monday.

Visit Our Store

Installation View: Faile’s Bedtime Stories

On View at Perry Rubenstein until December 23rd, 2010

visit Faile’s website for more info

Babes of Yore: Jenny Hanley

Jenny Hanley is a British actress.

Big thanks to our girl Kristin who makes this feature happen every week

A BMX Bike Fit For a King, Pimp, or Player

Metal, glitter, automotive clear coat, found objects, Swarovski crystals, rubber, mirror, silk flowers, 24kt gold plating

on view at Leo Koenig Projekte until December 4th, 2010

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