Hunter S. Thompson: Gonzo

Photographs from the man who led one of the crazier lives ever lived.

Originally shown at a 2006-2007 show at M+B in Los Angeles.

Poopin’ In The Nativity Scene

Inspired by this gigantic Santa “Caganer” in Barcelona, we take a look at more of these Catalonian Nativity Scene statues.

Vinyl toymakers: Can we collaborate on a set of these for Xmas 2012? Also Kaws, apparently you were on the right path to this with Companion Passing Through.

You can purchase a bunch of what you see above here

Babes of Yore: June Palmer

June Palmer was a British model.


{note: boobs}

Slap A Logo On It and Call It A Day

Hard Rock Vases by Pierre Blanc

via, the ballast

43 Art Prints That Are Ready To Be Gifted

The best thing is, if they can’t deliver by the 24th you can always just print out a picture. Where to buy links below.

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Love Before Intimacy…

This past Friday at The Hole two new shows opened up. Kristy Leibowitz was there to document the scene.

Church of the Open Tab

Originally on view in St. Louis (video after the jump), this modified installation by Steve Powers at Livingston Street Market is “dedicated to musicians who have passed on, but transcended their sinful lives to make beautiful music.”

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Bronze Bones in Miami

Photos from our dominos session at Mondrian South Beach during Art Basel by Ruediger Glatz for BHP.

More info on the Bronze Bones here

4 Words in One

Pref is making outstanding graffiti.

Figure out what the pieces say here

Triumph & Tragedy

Revok’s new work at Vicious Gallery in Hamburg is real nice.

Stanley Kubrick as a Photojournalist

Interesting photos from his work for Look Magazine during his late teen years in the mid-forties.

Available as prints from VandM

The Art of Problem Solving

A cool show by Ben Jones and John Pham that just closed at Giant Robot

“girls running around in lingerie and socialites being well…socialites”

Kiki de Montparnasse threw a party to celebrate Julia Restoin Roitfeld’s new lingerie collection with the sexy brand. Julia Chesky was there taking pictures.

Babes of Yore: Vanna White

As evidenced by last night’s Wheel, Vanna White is still a babe. We’ll take any excuse though to look through some early pictures of the most beautiful letter turner ever.

9 Business Days Until Christmas

Until the Friday before Christmas, we’ll be posting one product a day to help make the holiday the most gifted one yet

GUCCI: The Making Of is 384-pages of decadence. Published by Rizzoli ($53 – $85)

Anthony Lister x Rise of the Planet of the Apes

A nice wall in LA to dedicate the blu-ray release of Rise of The Planet of the Apes on Twentienth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

photos by Willie T

New FAQ & Work From Banksy

Banksy recently updated his website to include new street works, this humorous product from the shop (below), plus a Banksy/Robbo timeline and FAQ.

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Paris Vs. New York

A Tally of Two Cities by Vahram Muratyan

A Kids’ Book Gift Guide by Dallas Clayton

When TWBE asked me to put together a holiday kids’ gift guide I was a little bit torn, after all the idea of me having to let you know what kinds of gifts to buy a kid is kind of defeating. But then I thought about all of those of you out there who know kids, but don’t have kids and maybe aren’t sure what to get for kids that will make them happy but also not freak their parents out. How do you climb that slippery slope? Answer: Books. Any time you can give a parent books they will be happy. Sure the kid would probably rather have a remote controlled helicopter but that’s what Santa is for. Besides, chances are that helicopter will be broken within the month, a good book can inspire kids forever. So, here are ten books that I think make great gifts for the holidays or any time.

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