25 Grams: Walter Iooss

25 Grams is a feature that culls pictures from some of our favorite instagram feeds.

Walter Iooss Jr. is a legendary American photographer who splits his time between Montauk Pt, N.Y, and Key Biscayne, Fla.

He can be followed on instagram at @walteriooss

Installation View: Olek – The End Is Far

This is the last weekend that you’ll have a chance to check out the crocheted brilliance of Olek at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. One of the best installations we’ve seen since who knows when.

Doll Faces

Toy sculptures by Freya Jobbins

Time of Nothing

Jim Mangan opens a show featuring a beautiful series of abstract photographs tonight at Martha Otero Gallery in Los Angeles.

Installation View: Chicken or Beef?

Curated by Jesper Elg and on view at The Hole until 4/20, this huge exhibition of figurative paintings is a must-see.

Featuring the work of Allison Schulnik, Anders Oinonen, Anna Bjerger, Antonio Ballester Moreno, Barnaby Furnas, Bjarne Melgaard, Cecily Brown, Dan Attoe, Devin Troy Strother, Eddie Martinez, Ella Kruglyanskaya, Erik Parker, Geoff McFetridge, HuskMitNavn, Jannis Varelas, Jemima Kirke, Jocelyn Hobbie, John Copeland, John Korner, Jules de Balincourt, Katherine Bernhardt, Keegan McHargue, Lola Montes Schnabel, Margaret Kilgallen, Maya Bloch, Miriam Cahn, Misaki Kawai, Peter Linde Busk, Rosson Crow, Ryan Schneider, Tal R, Taylor McKimens, Todd James, and Troels Carlsen.

Babes of Yore: Rosemarie Dexter

Rosemarie Dexter was an Italian actress.

{note: boobs}

Pump Me Up: DC Subculture of the 1980s

The accompanying book to the landmark exhibition at the Corcoran delves even further into culture in the Nation’s Capital with over 1000 images contained in 320 pages. Roger Gastman is a king of compilation.

Available signed here

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Tribal Europeans

Charles Fréger’s Wilder Mann series documents the costumed, ancient pagan rituals surrounding the winter solstice and the advent of spring.

More here

Horfée’s Imaginarium

A super rad show presented by Topsafe that’s on view at 4 Wilkes Street in London until March 23rd.

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25 Grams: Peter Beste

25 Grams is a feature that culls pictures from some of our favorite instagram feeds.

Peter Beste is a documentary photographer based in New Mexico and NYC.

He can be followed on instagram at @peterbestephoto

Openings & Parties: Nudes.

If you read the site, you’re well aware that we put together a “nude” show at Guerrero Gallery last Saturday. What you haven’t seen are pics of some of the ladies (and Tim Diet) that attended the show. So, here you go.

Photos by Joe Russo

If you’re out in SF, Nudes. is on view until April 6th. See it online here.

Installation View: Nudes.

Our nudes show opened last Saturday at Guerrero Gallery alongside Erin M. Riley’s tapestry-filled Show Me More. We’re pleased to show you images from the show featuring Asger Carlsen, Alfred Steiner, Chris Yormick, Dave Schubert, Eddie Martinez, Eric Beltz, Faile, Geoff McFetridge, HuskMitNavn, Mark Gonzales, Mark Mulroney, Sandy Kim, Stephen Powers, Suzannah Sinclair, Taylor McKimens, Tomokazu Matsuyama, Troels Carlsen, and Victor Reyes.

For info on individual works, contact Guerrero Gallery

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