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Here’s to the first day of Summer.

Photos dug out of the Internet K-Hole

The Subconscious Art of Bill Posting

We’re on the fence about the “Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal,” but definitely see the subconscious art in bill posting. The constant layering and removal of bills creates spontaneous designs and organic textures akin to abstract expressionism, as seen in these photos by Romain Babeau.

Crazy Dogs

Over-the-top grooming takes center stage in photographer Ren Netherland’s series Extreme Pets.

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Rollin’ With The Homies

The classic hip-hop photography of Chi Modu

Babes of Yore: Margaret Nolan

Margaret Nolan was basically the Kate Upton of her generation, only more topless. She was turned to gold in Goldfinger, and is now living a merry life as a visual artist.

{note: boobs}

Bäst -Revolucion de Papel

A look through Bäst’s 2005 book with a forward by Banksy.

Bäst currently has a show on view at Eric Firestone gallery in East Hampton.

Braddock Tiles

Swoon’s new initiative to create a “a community based artisanal micro-factory” in a formerly abandoned church in North Braddock, Pennsylvania.” The first endeavor will be to produce 20,000 colored ceramic tiles by hand, which will be used for the new roof of the structure. You can help support Braddock Tiles by purchasing prints from a number of familiar artists here.

Photos From The Ongoing São Paulo Protests

By Ignácio Aronovich.

More here

Primitive Super Creeper

From the 1960s until the mid-1980s, Miroslav Tichý crept around the town of Kyjov in the Czech Republic taking pictures of unassuming women using his homemade cameras fashioned out of cardboard tubes, tin cans, and other found materials.

Humanizing Technology

Nam June Paik’s Robot sculptures

Hunter Thompson: The Cozumel Diary

An upcoming book by photographer Al Satterwhite.

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Awesome Displays of Wealth (#001)

Dakis Joannou commissions Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrarito photograph his collection of Italian “Radical” period design furniture. The full display of photographs referencing classic Hugh Hefner will be published towards the end of 2013.

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