Morning Dose of Bails

Art Skate

Kilian Martin: Internal Departure

Directed by Brett Novak

Friday’s Vault

Brian Lotti in Planet Earth’s Now N’ Later

The Principals Office


Skateboarding is a popular sport; the amount of Sportos, Dweebies and Wastoids trying to cash in on it could drown a whale.  Unfortunately there’s just not enough time in our busy schedule to call every one of these turdburgulars into The Principals Office. Only the darkest and most depraved will have that distinct displeasure. We thought we had our man with the Razor Scooter, but then came the Snakeboard and we knew the layers of crapulence had only been scratched. So we waited, and as we sensed middle America’s thirst for danger being quenched, as countless industrial design students dreamed then gave up on “reinventing the skateboard”, we sat in the shadows patiently, ready at any moment to strike.  But now finally it’s here, have you heard?  It’s called the Stair Rover and it’s being called into this week’s Principals Office, because well, it sucks.

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Friday’s Vault

Street Survival featuring Bill Danforth

Jeremy Scott, Style Biter


A great infographic from Мишка regarding Jeremy Scott’s flagrant copying of Jim Phillips.

And that was only half of it.

Friday’s Vault

Mike Carroll in Plan B’s Virtual Reality

“we learned this from watching you.”

A brand new film from William Strobeck

Skateboarding & Art


Anthony Pappalardo catches up with Ed Templeton



Skateboarding & The Cult of the Hipster by Niall Neeson

*not printable

Vans Parade

A Brand Anthem directed by Ross Harris

Friday’s Vault

Alphonzo Rawls in Lick



Thirty Years of Skating by James Guida

Bones Brigade Tees



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Friday’s Vault

Ray Barbee in Propaganda

One Ugly Mug


Santa Cruz’s Rob Face Mug

Bob Lake Pool Service

Taylor Stitch for the Solitary Arts.

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Picture of the Day & The Weekly Round-Up


Hugh Holland

This Week…

We debuted the trailer for The Legend of Cool “Disco” Dan

The Pope took batting practice

We looked through Dave Schubert’s photos of Twist back in the 90s

Mike Brodie documented A Period of Juvenile Prosperity


Sandy Leddin was our Muse

Friday’s Vault

Pat Duffy in Virtual Reality

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