Kilian Martin: Behind the Scenes of Internal Departure

Skateboard High School: Years of Pictures by Patrick O’Dell

In coordination with Altamont, Patrick O’Dell has a show of pictures he’s taken over the years that opens at Known Gallery tonight.

You can pick up a zine from the show here

Friday’s Vault

Ronnie Creager in Trilogy

In The Early Days of Concave

Photographs by legendary skate photographer J. Grant Brittain.

All for sale.

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The Story Behind the Photo of The Gonz at Alcatraz

As told by Bryce Kanights in The Photographer Series

The Photographer Series is a video series by Andrew Norton about the stories behind some of the most epic skateboard photos and the people who made them

(h/t: WBJ)

Skate Cat

Orange. (the art of Timothy Olson)

Picture of the Day


Hugh Holland

Gif Magic


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Friday’s Vault

Jamie Thomas – Invisible (1994)

Is skateboarding ready to openly embrace a transgender skater?


Sam Mcguire asks that question and tells the story of Hillary Thompson.

Picture of the Day


Friday’s Vault

Andy Howell in New Deal’s 1281

Friday’s Vault

Mark Gonzales in Real To Reel

Morning Dose of Bails

Art Skate

Kilian Martin: Internal Departure

Directed by Brett Novak

Friday’s Vault

Brian Lotti in Planet Earth’s Now N’ Later

The Principals Office


Skateboarding is a popular sport; the amount of Sportos, Dweebies and Wastoids trying to cash in on it could drown a whale.  Unfortunately there’s just not enough time in our busy schedule to call every one of these turdburgulars into The Principals Office. Only the darkest and most depraved will have that distinct displeasure. We thought we had our man with the Razor Scooter, but then came the Snakeboard and we knew the layers of crapulence had only been scratched. So we waited, and as we sensed middle America’s thirst for danger being quenched, as countless industrial design students dreamed then gave up on “reinventing the skateboard”, we sat in the shadows patiently, ready at any moment to strike.  But now finally it’s here, have you heard?  It’s called the Stair Rover and it’s being called into this week’s Principals Office, because well, it sucks.

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Friday’s Vault

Street Survival featuring Bill Danforth

Jeremy Scott, Style Biter


A great infographic from Мишка regarding Jeremy Scott’s flagrant copying of Jim Phillips.

And that was only half of it.

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