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Ray Simmonds and Jeff Pettit in H-Street’s Shackle Me Not

“Why am I so drawn to alleyways, and parking lots, dilapidated buildings, the back of supermarkets?”


Harmony Korine and Patrick O’Dell talk skateboarding over at Purple.

Thirty Years of the Screaming Hand

One of the most iconic graphics in skateboarding history, Jim Phillips’ “Screaming Hand” was first sketched in 1985. 30 years after its creation, VANS presents a touring art show tribute to the artistic legend. We stopped by The Seventh Letter gallery to check out the inaugural stop and took some pictures of our favorite pieces from the exhibition.

Be sure to click here to see when the show is coming to a city near you.

Friday’s Vault

Tony Ferguson in the Girl “Goldfish” video, 1994.

“This thing is a chick magnet”


NY POST: Skateboards are the new comb-over for men chasing their youth

Friday’s Vault

William Nguyen in Santa Cruz’s Big Pants Small Wheels, 1992

Freaks and Geeks, Misfits and Outcasts

Jeff Grosso’s love letter to the people that keep skating real.

Friday’s Vault

Lance Conklin in Powell Peralta’s Propaganda, 1990

Friday’s Vault

Rodney Mullen in Plan B’s The Revolution (1997)

Snack Pack


Speed Wheels Cool Ranch Wheels from the early 90s.

via, bryce kanights

Friday’s Vault

G&S Winona Riders (1991)

Shannon May, Willy Santos, Mark Heintzman, Matt Schnurr, Mike Taylor and Kris Markovich.

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