Friday’s Vault

Chet Thomas in Big Pants Small Wheels, 1992

Friday’s Vault

Jeremy Wray in Blockhead Skateboards’ Debbie Does Blockhead, 1992

Abstract Varials


Eddie Martinez and Make Skateboards combine forces for a box set of three signed skate decks to coincide with Eddie’s upcoming show, Salmon Eye, opening at Mitchell-Innes & Nash this Saturday, January 30, 2016.

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Transistor Sect


Andrew Jeffrey Wright is selling some of the animation sheets he made to animate Ed Templeton’s art for Toy Machine’s ‘Jump Off A Building’ skate video.

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Friday’s Vault

The New Deal presents… Children of the Sun (1994)

Friday’s Vault

Ron Allen and John DeAgo in Life Skateboards’ A Soldier’s Story, 1991

Friday’s Vault

Jeremy Klein in the Tracker Stacked video, 1991.

Art Slides


Marcel Dzama is the second fine artist to be featured in Girl Skateboards’ Studio Series.

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The Graphic Aspect of Skateboarding


Sean Cliver talks “Sex and Skateboard Art” with Jenkem.

Friday’s Vault

Action East Video presents Underground: Along The Eastern Edge (1986)

Some early street stylin’ in downtown New York.

Art and Athleticism

The Mark Gonzales Ride

Friday’s Vault

Rudy Johnson in Goldfish

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