Friday’s Vault: Hawk & McGill & Guerrero & Mountain & Caballero.

Newly available to our store is this Skate Royaltee t-shirt. Hawk & McGill & Guerrero & Mountain & Caballero. Hat-tip to Experimental Jetset. Pick it up for $20 here.


The Dynomighty Dinero Migthy Wallet from Gselect. You will never be short of cash (or at least looking like you have it) again.

Random, Beautiful Objects from Partners & Spade

The Scout tipped us off to Partners & Spade’s new website, and they seriously have some cool shit for sale.  The only thing that tops it, is the physical store itself.

Possibly the hardest puzzle in the world

The Rosetta Puzzle

Anonymous Shop

Our friends at Anonymous Gallery just opened an online store.  It’s a one-stop-shop for all Art-related products.

Go Now

After buying your clothes, do you wash them?

If you don’t, you might want to start today! Good Morning America did an exposé to see what’s lurking on newly purchased clothes and what they found, well it might not be what you expected.

“Garments were collected from various stores including a high end department store. After swabbing areas on different clothing items, results showed evidence of respiratory secretions, skin flora, yeast, fecal germs and vaginal secretions.”

For more lovely information on this story go here

obey clothing giveaway


Karmaloop is giving you the chance to win $500 of Obey clothing. I am kinda diggin the scarves. If you enter, you get a $10.00 giftcard, so every little bit counts in small amounts.

it’s not too late to blow that sh@t up


Adorn your tree with grenades from suck uk. I love that the photo includes little kids and these are the perfect gift for the collector in your family. If the grenades are a bit much, then pick up the Koziks smorkin’ labit ornaments we told you about a while ago.


the worlds greatest invention ever


This is so awesome! the Disposable Flask, damn I wish I thought of that one. I can not begin to count the number of times I felt ripped off at a concert or sports event for a the price of a drink. Now you don’t have to worry about your monogrammed flask getting confiscated either. Pick up a set of 3 for $15.00. from all places Restoration Hardware!


Live and work in Brooklyn


Live and work in Brooklyn, or at least look like you do! Are you looking for the perfect work boot? Not sure if you want to pony up for the $320.00 Redwing for Jcrew? Check out GQ‘s roundup of work boots. Better yet just pick up a pair of Bed Stu boots pictured here.(if you can find them!)

protect your nugget with Bern


I recently bought one of these helmets from Bern. They are featured in GQ’s December issue. (Jocking my style…anyway) It’s very cool and breathable (flat black was my choice). I recommend it if you need to protect your nugget. They also have inserts for snowboarding and winter that keep your ears warm. Some of them even have built in headphones—a nice touch.

Bike Gear Crank Clock


Pixelthis’s Etsy store is full of awesome clocks like this.

worthy cutbacks


Who needs laces these days?  Valet mag created a guide to laceless oxfords, like Cole, Rood & Haan Co.

For more options here you go.

In greenpoint we trust


If the economy is…. Well, you know what it’s doing… Then In God We Trust has made a deal. Our favorite tattooed Brooklyn designer, Shana Tabor is opening her 4th store, right in Greenpoint. In her words

“I could give you directions but can’t you just google that shit?
event sponsored by…HENDRICK’S GIN & BEAR FLAG WINE
we got enough booze for all yall  & your buddies”

Flyer after the jump… [Read more]

open air modern opens its doors


Our good friends at Open Air Modern are opening their doors this weekend, with an official “party” opening next week. Make sure to head over there if you are in the need for books, furniture, lighting, and a good time! Matt, the owner of OAM, is really cool and extremely knowledegable about everything they have. It’s not one of those “hipster” snotty inventory selling stores. So check them out here if you need directions.

Currently available now, DANISH MODERN EXECUTIVE STYLE WALNUT DESK(pictured above) $850.00 buy now

new vans vault site in comic book form


Vans “released” their new Vault site as a comic book. Check it out.



I am diggin these black leather lace up’s available at the Office for £64.99

nike Vintage Classic


Nike’s latest vintage lines have sparked my interest. The Tennis Classic are 95 Euros, and available at Star Cow.

Via js

chewy on a bike


Chewbika. Chewy on a bike may become your new favorite t-shirt. Available here.

via uncrate

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