Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Paul McCartney, The Grown-up Beatle print


I should buy my Mom this print.  She grew up liking The Beatles, and I’m sure she had some thing for Paul McCartney.  Releasing in a small quantity at some time today is this show print for Change Begins Within, an event featuring Sir Paul amongst others that happened earlier this month.  It comes in both Blue and Red (after the jump) colorways, and was printed in an edition of 600.  Buy the print here


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Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Obey The Eye


Releasing at a random moment in time today is Shepard Fairey’s latest print, Obey Eye.  Super fresh in an edition of 450, this is the first print I have really liked for a moment.  Available here

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Giant Chaser Ad from 1999


I found this ad in the May / June 1999 issue of Juxtapoz.  Screenprints like Ming, Riot Cop, and Big Brother were only $22 and in editions of 100.  How times advance.

Steven Heller says “Shepard Fairey is not a crook.”


Read this and more in his article at The Moment

Caleb Neelon on Why Prosecuting Shepard Fairey is Bad for Boston


Caleb Neelon had a speaking arrangement at the ICA in Boston this past Saturday. In part of it he spoke of Shepard Fairey’s arrest and made some very valid points about Boston itself.

You should read all of it, which he has published here.

Below, a quick excerpt.

“Shepard’s arrest gave every brand director, location scout, art collector, ad buyer, and trend spotter reason to be wary of doing business in our city – all the while snickering into their hand and shaking their heads at us. People laugh at Boston for being a city of culturally clueless Puritans, and because of that, business that depends on an audience to the contrary, avoids Boston. This arrest has renewed our subscription to this unfortunate perception.”

Caleb Neelon also has a show opening up this weekend at White Walls in San Francisco, go see it.

Great Prints @ Great Prices


Just a heads up to readers, if you’re looking to add some Shepard Fairey prints to your collection have a look over here

Shepard Fairey’s 20 year ICA Retro Series fine art print Set


These large format fine art prints are banging!  Available first as a set, then later as individuals.

“This large format print series was created to commemorate the 20 year anniversary of OBEY.  The series was first released in Feb but only to a selected few for the opening of Shepard’s 20 year Retrospective at the ICA Boston.  Shepard chose to revisit these images, from the 98 – 2000 era, due to their popularity but adding a more refined look to them with the replace of the OBEY Orange for a Metallic Gold.  This fine art print series will go sale on 4/2/09 at noon.  The series will initially go on sale only as a set with a few individual prints sold separately later in the day.”

Edition of 75
Signed and Numbered
29″ x 41″ each

$2000 as a set
as individuals

more here

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Defend Equality Merch


Help raise awareness for the fight to overturn prop. 8 by visiting the F.A.I.R. Love Unites store and purchasing one of the many items available.  It could be a dog t-shirt, some greeting cards, a mouse pad, maybe even a sweatshirt or t-shirt.  Whatever it may be…

“The money raised at this store goes directly back into the fight for marriage equality. When you buy a Shepard Fairey shirt from our store you’re not just showing your support for marriage equality, you’re catapulting our movement forward and getting us one step closer to reclaiming our fundamental civil rights.”


Shepard Fairey on The AP, OBAMA, & Referencing


These are just some bullet points (my new favorite thing) from Shepard Fairey’s extensive blog post

  • I am fighting the AP to protect the rights of all artists, especially those with a desire to make art with social commentary.
  • the photograph is just a starting point.  The illustration transforms it aesthetically in its stylization and idealization, and the poster has an altogether different purpose than the photograph does.
  • I did not create the Obama poster for financial gain. The poster was created to promote Obama for president, and the revenue from poster sales was re-invested in more posters, flyers, stickers, etc..

Read it all here

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Bad Brains Collaboration


Ever since it was announced, this print has created some buzz around the office.  Available this Thursday, it will be gone in an instant. Move fast.

Bad Brains Collaboration Print
Shepard Fairey x Glen E Friedman x Bad Brains
24 x 18, 3 Color Screen Print
Edition of 425
Signed by Shepard, Glen E Friedman, and all the original members of Bad Brains

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The L.A. Times Reviews Shepard Fairey’s ICA Show


Critics are paid to be critical.

“Obey Giant is now an industry, Hello Kitty with pretensions.”

The NY Times Ken Johnson Takes a look at Shepard Fairey’s ICA Show


It is mixed, that’s for sure.  Wouldn’t you expect that anyway?  If you’re too lazy to read the article, the slideshow is a nice summary.

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Israel / Palestine


If memory serves me correct, the imagery for this print first appeared in an enormous way this past February at Shepard Fairey’s ICA retrospective.  Luckily for the public, the decision has been made to turn this into a print that will be available for purchase this Thursday, March 19th at 12pm EST. On the obvious tip, is it just me or is this the closest Shepard Fairey has ever gotten to looking like Georgia O’Keefe?

*Ed’s note:  And by O’Keefe, I mean a lady coming out of a vagina.

Saks Spring Propaganda Campaign comes to life

All of the windows on Fifth Avenue are complete, filled with the designs of Cleon Peterson, Shepard Fairey, and the rest of Studio Number One.  When we first brought word of this collaboration, a slew of comments erupted on our site, and then, all over the internets.  Haters will be haters, Lovers will be Lovers, and The World’s Best Ever will always be supporters.  Nice job peeps!

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Guerilla One & The Seventh Letter


Guerilla One has been around for ages and The Seventh Letter are the cream of the crop so it’s nice to see the two represented on Shepard Fairey’s latest print as the heavy lifters.  Available this Thursday through Obey Giant and Mad Society, do yourself a favor and buy one.

Vote Earth commercial

I always like the way Shepard Fairey’s work comes off in animation, look out for prints in the future.

“The first global ‘Vote Earth’ television commercial will feature Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ and artwork by Shepard Fairey with animation by Syd Garron, voice over by Cate Blanchett and production by Curious Films.”

I think ‘Earth Hour’ will be one huge makeout session.

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Link dump


When this whole thing began it was just about the prints releasing on Tuesday, now it’s tough to keep up.  Here are a couple links that are worth your while.

BlackBook inquires about what would have been Shepard Fairey’s DJ Playlist at the ICA had he not been arrested


Dante Ross takes a look a some of Shepard Fairey’s art collection


”If you put up tacky Christmas decorations, is that a nuisance?”

—A couple in Boston may be fined and forced to buff a mural that was put up on their home with their approval.

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Obey this glass


An etched crystal pint glass. It would look good filled with Bass or a stout. $20

Buy it here

Shepard Fairey gets the Sunday Morning treatment


CBS Sunday Morning aired a great piece on Shepard Fairey yesterday.  As exciting as it was, this opening graphic was an immediate showstopper. It’s like they just wanted to remind you that, yes, you are still watching CBS Sunday morning. See the video in its entirety after the jump.

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