Morning Dose of Street Art 101

Cookin’ Wheat Paste with Shepard Fairey

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“I want to offer my love and respect to the end.”

An MCA Memorial Billboard in Los Angeles by Shepard Fairey and Glen E Friedman.

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Harmony & Discord

Shepard Fairey returns to New York on May 5th with an exhibition of new works (including his largest screenprints ever) at Pace Prints.

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Eat The Rich

A new print of Patti Smith by Shepard Fairey.

Available tomorrow (4/12)

Shepard Fairey and Jamie Reid Collaborate on A Couple Prints

The Large Format Editions will be available to purchase in person at the opening of Jamie Reid’s Ragged Kingdom opening reception at Subliminal Projects this Friday (3/16).

More info here

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Shepard Fairey, Simpsons Character

Quite an achievement. The episode airs March 4th.

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Shepard Fairey – Occupy Protester Print

Available January 12th at a random time during the morning on the West coast. All proceeds go to Occupy Wall Street.

Occupy Hope by Shepard Fairey

Really though

Obey Harmony

A new print from Shepard Fairey with proceeds benefitting the David Lynch Foundation.

Available Tuesday (10/25) at a random time

Shepard Fairey’s Art On Young And The Restless

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Under Arpaio

This Arizona Sheriff seems like a bad, bad man. Shepard Fairey and his political justice design machine create a poster to help convince you of that.

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In a New Print, Shepard Fairey celebrates George Harrison and the 40th Anniversary of the Concert For Bangladesh

Available on August 8th, proceeds from the print go to UNICEF.

Imperial Glory

A new print by Shepard Fairey commenting on the U.S. military industrial complex.

Available today

Morning Dose of “Long Time Ago…”

TMZ catches up with Shepard Fairey and his wife Amanda in the airport.



Shepard Fairey, Juke Box Large Format Print. Getting one of these framed would be dominating.

Serigraph, Signed and Numbered Edition of 40. Printed on 100% cotton rag archival paper with deckled edges, 42 x 42 inches.

Available tomorrow (5/3)

Shepard Fairey Benefit Print for Japan

Profits from Dark Wave/Rising Sun will go to the Japanese Red Cross.

18 x 24″ Screen Print.  Signed and numbered Edition of 700.  $60.

Available tomorrow (3/24) at a random time

Shepard Fairey 50th Anniversary Commemorative Peace Corps Poster

Never doubt the man’s ability for designing beautiful posters.

Available through donation here


Rollins 81

This Sunday, Henry Rollins turns 50. To celebrate, Shepard Fairey has taken a Geln E. Friedman image of Rolins during his Black Flag days and posterized it. It’ll be available this Sunday in an edition of 450 that is signed by Fairey, Rollins, and Friedman.

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Shepard Fairey Goes Pop! for PAPER Mag

Dang, really liking this print a lot.  POW(ER) will be available as a print tomorrow (11/4) at a random time.

Here is a brief explanation of the POW(ER) print. I was asked by my longtime friends at PAPER magazine to guest edit their art issue. I gladly  accepted, and the issue should be out later in Nov. In the issue my friend and PAPER editor Carlo McCormick, who wrote an essay for my book “Supply And Demand”, wrote a fantastic essay about the evolution of visual culture from Pop Art to street art, and the impact of the internet and media saturation. To illustrate Carlo’s essay I created the POW(ER) image. The image is an homage to influential Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein, who appropriated and re-painted comic frames often transforming them in meaning and context. I have often described my art as a fusion of Pop Art, street art, and political art. I utilize the platform created by Pop Art, but I try to take my work even more directly to the people. Like Pop artists before me, I utilize a vocabulary of familiar cultural visual references. In fact, after I conceived of the POW(ER) image and did some further research on Lichtenstein, I discovered an image he had made of a woman holding a can of spray paint or hairspray. The image looked familiar to me, because a few years ago I re-illustrated the same piece of clip art that Lichtenstein referenced for his spray paint/hair spray painting. The connection was was too serendipitous to ignore and I proceeded to create the POW(ER) image. For me, street art has always been about populism and emPOWERment. The recent embrace of street art in the art world as a legitimate genre demonstrates the power of accessible, relatable imagery, and in many ways builds upon the triumphs of Pop Art. Check out the PAPER issue when it comes out to read Carlo’s excellent essay.

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