Lucian Freud Fathered Up to 30 Children


He also shunned the idea of living with any of them

Sex Genius


“Squat and Wipe, Squat and Wipe, Squat and….” Well, You Get The Picture


The Perversions of Chuck Berry

“shocked revellers had seen him simulate sex with the counter of the kebab shop.”


But it wasn’t until “Daniel Hotcock Cooper” had stripped down and simulated sex with a Land Rover that he was arrested for indecent exposure. His friends had this to say, “He is not a pretty sight when naked. We all felt sorry for the Land Rover and hope it wasn’t offended.”

Asking The Difficult Questions…


Is Adventure Time A Gateway Drug To LSD, Homosexuality and the Rave Lifestyle?

The Ladies High Tea and Pornography Society



Mark Mulroney: Sex is Hard to Avoid

A short film by Deanna Sheward and Luis M. Castañeda.



Freud, Interrupted by David Kamp (2012)

Lucian Freud, who died last year, still creating masterpieces at 88, was intensely private, rejecting the idea that an artist’s life mattered to his art. But Sigmund’s grandson, arguably the greatest portrait painter of his era, forged his closest bonds in his studio. With two major Freud retrospectives in view, David Kamp learns that those who sat for him—duchesses, drag queens, most of his women, and many of his children—will never forget what they discovered.

Adult Entertainment


“the third leg of the Atlantic City”

Kool Keith – Total Orgasm 3


Keepin’ it Kool Keith.

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Creampie Analytics


Pornhub’s map of the US featuring each state’s most popular search term

Breaking Down The Me-And-You Barrier


An interview with Nobuyoshi Araki

Woven Pleasures


On August 30, Erin M. Riley’s new exhibition with paper-cut artist Joe Boruchow will open at Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia. The exhibition will include 10 small tapestries of females, landscapes and objects (think vibrators and Hello Kitty pipes), as well as four new larger-format pieces.

Erin’s work will also be featured in Culture Cache, a group show at the Joseph Gross Gallery at the University of Arizona. The show explores the re-appropriation of consumer culture as a language, and opens September 4.

In the meantime, there are still a few of Erin’s hand-dyed woven pieces available here.

—Zio / @zioxla

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Porn is Broken; The Internet is Fixing It by James Cook

While the porn industry seeks to create more and more extreme videos, a new type of pornography is bringing online titillation back to its roots.

“Drivers will have to follow a clearly marked route along which up to 40 prostitutes will be stationed.”


After three years of debate, Switzerland’s “Sex Boxes” are set to open August 26th.



“sacred sex toys made from 100% pure crystal”… “with the intention of opening oneself up to the healing properties crystals provide.”

30,000 ft in the Air and “in His Own World”


An couple on a flight from Medford, Oregon to Las Vegas, Nevada recently gave fellow passengers quite the sex show by performing multiple “lewd, indecent, and obscene sex acts on each other.” The key word here is “multiple.”

“Sex Crimes 2084” and More!


Nothing like a commercial for a Satellite Porn Descrambler to make you appreciate advancements in technology.

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A website where “you never have to feel alone, awkward, or a burden because you are gluten-free.” Let us know how it works out for you.

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