Porn Spirals

Sexy die-cut collages from Rebecca Cooper


The World’s Youngest Grandmother is 23 Years Old

She was 12 when she had her daughter, and her daughter was 11 when she had her first kid.

More at the Sun

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The Sexual Health and Habits of Almost the Entire World

Vice Magazine produces a Global Trend Report

Morning Dose of Plato’s Retreat

Buy Your Lover an Ad For Valentine’s Day

What better way to surprise your loved (or unloved) one than to buy them an ad on the site that they visit every day? One of the more unique Valentine’s gifts this season, we are offering up our premier 300 x 250 ad spot for whatever message you’d like to send. There is almost* no limit to the possibilites. The ad will be displayed for one week (2/14/11 – 2/20/11) and will reach not only your target but, an estimated 90k visitors worldwide. Get creative, and impress.

Dig deep and bid on the ad spot here

*graphic nudity, excessive language, ridiculous defamation, or other material that might be deemed offensive are not tolerated.

The State of Internet Porn…and It’s Effect on Culture

NY Mag gets sexual in their three-part feature Drowning in Porn

Lunchtime Laughter

“It was so elegant”

Friday Night. Air Sex 2010 World Championships East Coast Regionals

Looks pretty official.  Shuggy Duggy.

More info here

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The Ten Best Vehicles to Have Sex In

Yeah, we’re definitely gonna say the popemobile should be #1.

View’em all at Jalopnik

Google Blacklist Christmas Card

Created by UK design studio Nation, “Google Blacklist Christmas allows you to create a message to your loved ones constructed from all the words that google deems unsuitable for consumption. Unsurprisingly they are nearly all quite rude.”

Make yours at GoogleBlackChristmas

3D Sex Games Comes to Kinect

It was only a matter of time before pervs made the push into xbox’s hands free gaming system. A company based out of Austria called thriXXX is developing the technology. It’s pretty tough to figure out how grabbing virtual boobs will be that fun but, whatever, these advances are heading in the right direction. Now, if someone can only make Sex Packets. (watch the demo after the jump)

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No Guitar Lessons Needed

I’d say she’s doing just fine…a little crazy but, fine.

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Morning Dose of Awesome

I really wish they had showed more of that alcoholic subterranean level.  Anyway, cheers for teaching adults to use condoms.

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Super Pooosey

Little Lupe shows her versatility in acting.

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Just Some Photos of Really Beautiful Women Walking Around in Lingerie Last Night

No big deal.

“customers cannot purchase a sex toy unless they fill out a medical questionnaire describing the health-related reasons for their purchase.”

Alabama is stuck in the dark ages.  Oh, there’s also this story on Pleasures, the nation’s first sex toy drive-thru.

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Lunchtime Laughter

A short film inspired by Anthony Morcom’s Guaranteed Sex.

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The Best and Possibly Strangest Thing You Will Watch on the Internet Today

The Blindness of the Woods aka Yarn Porn

Now that’s a Breast Cancer Awareness Advertisement

There’s obviously some boob, so it’s NSFW for all you nancies out there.  Well done Coppafeel.

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