Morning Dose of You Lust

The new Flaming Lips video.

{note: nudity}

Lunchtime Laughter

How Not To Orgasm

Transactional Sex


An overlooked hazard of extreme climate change

painting by John Everett Millais



Hands Off by Emily Witt

Why are a bunch of men quitting masturbation? So they can be better men.

Lunchtime Laughter

Eddie Murphy’s First Appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson in 1982

Sex, Drugs, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan

The Iron Sheik’s story.

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For The Pictures Alone


Dinosaur sex secrets revealed

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The Worst Thing About This Spider (Besides It Being a Spider) Is That It Jumps


Meet the Peacock Spider. Native to southeastern Australia and damn attractive to the females on that ‘bird of paradise’ level.

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Picture of the Day


Robert Mapplethorpe



Slutever interviews a 23-year-old prostitute

Morning Dose of Le Perv

Music by Carpenter Brut, a video tribute to Lucio Fulci and legwarmers.

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Webcam Venus


Sexcam performers replicate iconic works of art.

{obviously, there’s a lot of nudity.}

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