“If Tiger Woods had this Japanese feature in his phone, he wouldn’t have gotten in trouble,”


The old clamshell Fujitsu F-Series, aka The “Infidelity Phone”

“Got burnt once, but that was only gonorrhea” – Ol’ Dirty Bastard


Once is all it may take now that a strain of “Drug-resistant gonorrhea has officially arrived in North America.” Future Dirties beware.

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That Taiwan Booty Sniffer


Caught sniffin’ booty in a train station bathroom.

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It’s called time, and people choose to do with it what they wish…


“a profound study on Friends’ sex life” aka the Calculated Number of Sex Partners the Characters on Friends Had.


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Perverted Florida


Here is the definitive 2012 round-up of sexual mishaps in the Sunshine State.

U.S. Olympian / Las Vegas Escort


That works very favorably.

The Perverts Among Us

Sex, sex crimes, and other weird stuff happening in the world 

Wait, what? Scientist: ‘”Viewing online pornography can make you lose your memory.”

Don’t call young Swedish women sluts

He meant that things needed to change. A South Carolina man was arrested after throwing a jar of change at his girlfriend who denied his request for some oral pleasure.

How does one legally do that? Crime: Illegally Transporting East Texas Deer Semen

Hillbilly Porn is on the up and up

and while on that subject…

In just 6 years, 1.2 million years worth of internet porn has been watched on two websites


The Perverts Among Us

Sex, sex crimes, and other weird stuff happening in the world 

“There’s no business like ho business.”

Meet the Sexxxtons, another Mother-Daughter porn duo

A plot was foiled to castrate and murder Justin Bieber

‘You’re 13 today! If you had a rich boyfriend he’d give you diamonds and rubies. Well, maybe next year you will — when you’ve bigger boobies!’

and while on the subject of boobs…

The latest way to smuggle 3 lbs of cocaine? Inside your breast implants


Sexual Radish

The Sekuhara (translated: Sexual Harassment) Interface is a group of daikon radishes that have been hooked up to electronic sensors to emit moans and groans when groped. Japan… again and again.

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The Perverts Among Us

Sex, sex crimes, and other weird stuff happening in the world 

Berkeley students are doing it in the Stacks

Never complain to a cop that a prostitute hasn’t given you your money’s worth

A German nymphomaniac who had a penchant for holding lovers hostage was found dead in bed

Sometimes the law interferes with procreation

Usually an animal isn’t the third you think about in a threesome

This woman filed a false rape claim because she didn’t enjoy the sex

and finally

Testicle plates

Miss Bum Bum Brazil

Quite the pageant

André’s Love Graffiti Project

Pimp moves.

From André:

“Send me the name of your loved one – I’m going to be your public writer and Do a huge love graffiti for them in miami’s design district. Tell me why you love this person and I will choose the one that touches me the most. Email lovegraffiti@mrandre.com “

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