Sex, Drugs, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan

The Iron Sheik’s story.

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For The Pictures Alone


Dinosaur sex secrets revealed

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The Worst Thing About This Spider (Besides It Being a Spider) Is That It Jumps


Meet the Peacock Spider. Native to southeastern Australia and damn attractive to the females on that ‘bird of paradise’ level.

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Picture of the Day


Robert Mapplethorpe



Slutever interviews a 23-year-old prostitute

Morning Dose of Le Perv

Music by Carpenter Brut, a video tribute to Lucio Fulci and legwarmers.

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Webcam Venus


Sexcam performers replicate iconic works of art.

{obviously, there’s a lot of nudity.}

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Morning Dose of True Love Waits

The Million Virgin March

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Lunchtime Laughter

Oscar’s Best Handjob Award

“I’m not no scum bag guy, pervert, or nothing like that– I just thought it was cool to own my own porn collection,” said Johnson. “It keeps my relationship fresh and tight, and I learn stuff that I can use on her.”


Couple of the year has vintage African American porn collection worth $7500 stolen from their Michigan house.

“My collection was the best in Michigan– a guy in Connecticut told me that,”

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The Dr. “Sex” Reese Show

Been listening to these hilarious podcasts from Thing X all morning.

The More You Know: Porn Stars


Some deep research by John Millward

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