Sex Traffic

Navigating the Pornhub Network.


Extra Sausage

A history of the pizza delivery narrative in porn.


Talking Pieces

Private Parts, by Anna Ginsburg


Boobs Win

Playboy stops being prude.

Mate Deprivation

When a monkey gets caught doing a deer due to horniness.

Golden Showers for the Golden Boy

What a crazy world we live in today.

So Long, Doctors and Nurses, and Schoolgirls

The state of pornography in America.

Livestreaming Sperm-O-Vision


YO is a do-it-yourself at home on your smartphone sperm testing thingamajig. As added entertainment post-ejaculation, you get to watch your swimmers swim (or not, depending) while you wait for the results.

Sex Brush

Paintings by John Currin

Bang Bang Business Tips


Learning the art of negotiating your own worth… from hookers.

And Stretch


A couple in Belarus caught the fitness bug early in the morning and woke up the neighbors with their loud workout.

“I hate getting into a cold bed”


Sex and the Senior Citizen.

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