Oceans, Forever


SeaOrbiter is a futuristic, semi-submersible aquatic research vessel designed by “sea architect” Jacques Rougerie. With construction set to begin this spring, the SeaOrbiter will feature 12 separate decks, containing a mixture of pressurized and un-pressurized labs and living quarters. With a goal to be actively exploring 24/7, the crew of 18 will definitely be living with the currents in this, the first “nomadic international oceanic station.”

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Moles Pawing Around in Couscous

Weird creatures.

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Morning Dose of Lie Detection

A 5-second test to see if you’re good at lying… apparently introverts are not.

“Electronic Heroin”


Inside an Internet Addiction Treatment Center in China.

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Falcons Hunting Crows


During pursuit, falcons keep the image of their prey in the same place on their retina all the way through until the finishing move.

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The Grossest Thing About this Worm is that it Makes Audible Sounds


The Giant Gippsland is the world’s largest species of earthworms, reaching a maximum length of 9.8 ft.

Meat Atlas


Facts and figures about the animals we eat

The Mystery of Motion Sickness

What’s happening in our bodies when we feel car sick.

Lesson by Rose Eveleth, animation by Tom Gran.

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The Day After Tomorrow Was Yesterday


Ice boulders have formed in Lake Michigan

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Man’s Best Compass


Off the leash, dogs align themselves with the Earth’s magnetic field when they poo

Medical Clowning


Weighing the benefits and harms of laughter

Out of Step, But Very In Tune

The effects on LSD of marching troops

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Medical Science


A man’s severed hand was grafted to his ankle for a month before being reattached.

‘Fallen Astronaut’


The first and only sculpture on the Moon

92 Drinks Per Week


Someone had a bunch of time to do a tally, and they found out that James Bond was “The Man with the Golden Liver.”

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Moving Illusions

The Supervolcano Below


Underneath Yellowstone lies a magma chamber 55 miles long, 20 miles wide, and at it’s furthest, 9 miles deep. Containing enough molten lava to fill the Grand Canyon, if the supervolcano were to blow, ash would cover most of the USA. When the animals start running, you’ll know it’s time. Volcanoes, so hot right now.

The Wonders of Nature


A spinning disk of ice in the Sheyenne River in North Dakota

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“Some were sausage-like, others pristine ovals, in colours ranging from whitish grey to dark brown-violet.”


The “World’s Oldest Public Toilet” was recently discovered at the Chanares Formation in Argentina. Dating back 240 million years, the producers of the “big lumps” were Dinodontosaurus, eight-foot-long megaherbivores that would be comparable to the modern day rhinoceros.

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