Red Planet, Now Wet Planet


NASA has found evidence that liquid water exists on Mars.

5 feet tall with a brain the size of an orange


Introducing Homo Naledi, the newest member to humanity’s family tree.



The number of trees per person in the world. There’s an estimated 3.04 trillion trees on the entire planet.

Pictured: Adansonia grandidieri, Madagascar

Extreme Consumption

How much of stuff (or lack of stuff) will kill you.

Tiling the Plane


Up until last month, there were only 14 types of pentagons that could cover a surface with no gaps or overlaps. Now there are 15. Interior designers and mathematicians are ecstatic.

Torrents of Cascadia


Geological sleuthing, the Cascadia subduction zone, and the earthquake that will decimate the coastal Pacific Northwest.

Hang Time

The math behind Air Jordan (and anybody else jumping off the ground)

Coked-Out Italian Eels

In the rivers, not in the piazzas.

Next Stop Fedora


The Coolness Spiral of Death, a chart that shows how with age we become detached from mainstream music.

via, boingboing

Get Roasted


An interesting fact concerning the desert state that is California, each Almond grown requires one gallon of water.

Round and Round We Go

Earworms: the name for those terrible (and covetable) songs that get stuck in your head.

Auto-Brewery Syndrome


Some people can get drunk by simply eating a bag of potato chips.

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