Right On Time

A NASA researcher says that the Earth is long overdue for an extinction-level event.

Natural Communicators

Can plants talk to each other?

Feathered Dinosaur Tail

99-million-years-old and ornamental.



Scientists: being lazy is a sign of high intelligence.

Walk from Australia to Alaska in 250 million years


Pangea Proxima, the next supercontinent.

The Power of Preservatives


A 40-year-old Twinkie at George Stevens Academy in Blue Hill, Maine.

Connoisseur of Pain


Justin Schmidt rates insect stings for a living.

Dong Di Dong Dong


A Massachusetts man has received America’s first penis transplant.

R.I.P. Coachella


A leading earthquake scientist has once again reminded everyone that the Southern Californian part of the San Andreas Fault—which runs directly through the Coachella Valley—is “locked, loaded and ready to roll.”

40 Light-Years to Life


Three potentially habitable, Earth-like planets have been discovered in another star system.

Sedimentary Snorkelling


A 600-Mile Coral Reef has been discovered at the mouth of the Amazon.

They Fear Shaking Around that Faulty Ring of Fire


Two earthquakes in Japan, one in Ecuador, and one near Tonga in the past week have scientists worrying about a ‘mega’ quake.

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