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Risk / Black House

Roger Gastman is a Creep

I have a photo series that I am working on. It’s about being creepy. I’m a good ass creep. I have been training my entire life. Here is a sneak preview.


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Rog R. Roc

The Hundreds recently posted a great interview with sometime contributor, plastic charm necklace wearer, and full-time hustler Roger Gastman. If only he had given them a pic of that Bethesda tattoo…

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Roger Gastman’s Update from Eastern Europe

Here are a few pictures from my trip (that I am still on) to Slovakia – yes I said Slovakia. When I got the call I was like – wait did I learn where that place is in geography class in school? I thought it was a joke. But it worked out – here we are – me POSE and SABER. It is actually kind of awesome here – well at least what I have seen so far. And I got to eat strawberry risotto – dats rights! So all you people reading this that are like shit – I want to break into that guys house – he is away – NO GO! I gots the dogs – and I got a person and persons staying there 24 hrs a day. Back to Slovakia – I wonder if there are vampires here?

Roger Gastman goes to the Movies

I’m writing this from an airport in Germany. Yesterday I saw the film The American. I had read and heard great things about it. But it sucked. Like sucked real bad. Like I wanted to walk out. I don’t know what the plot is – why things happen and why did they make this movie? I know I am far from the smartest guy in the world – shit even on my own block. Best thing about the film – a nice pair of tits that are real. But not worth a ticket. Ban this movie. F-.

Roger Gastman Mourns the Death of Gary Coleman

Los Angeles, CA, May 28, 2010 — Gary Coleman, the star of the sitcom Diff’rent Strokes, died this morning, after suffering a brain hemorrhage.

The news of Coleman’s death has deeply saddened Roger Gastman, creative director of R. Rock Enterprises and co-founder of Swindle and While You Were Sleeping magazines.

In 1999, Coleman was featured in issue 9 of Gastman’s While You Were Sleeping magazine. In the article, Coleman discussed his career, spirituality, and openly admitted that he was still a virgin at 32. “Still a virgin and counting,” he laughed. “Women just don’t pay attention to me.” He also discussed his two kidney transplants, saying, “Having a kidney is like having a pet, and I don’t like pets.”

In 2001, Coleman and Gastman team up for three days during the Magic Tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV, to promote While You Were Sleeping magazine. “It was the best three days of my life,” Gastman says.

Gastman grew up watching Diff’rent Strokes, and admired the child actor in his role as Arnold, as well as Coleman’s work in movies such as Midgets vs. Mascots.

“This is a sad day,” Gastman concludes. “I miss him already.”

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Roger Gastman on Title Tracks

Buy music online? Listen to it on myspace – all lame – so I told myself for like a way long time. Then for some random reason – i’m sure it had something to do with me checking the Dischord Records site, I found the Title Tracks. It was catchy – all most in like a girly way, like I questioned my manhood (what little I have left) for listening to it. Over and over and over again. But crap, it was like real real good. Then I saw that my old buddy was the drummer – Andrew Black. Andrew even interned for me at While You Were Sleeping. Played drums for the Explosion among a bunch of other neat stuff. Basically I am telling all of you that I am a music critic – and I know what all of you like. I mean just check out my sound advice I did for this crappy website you are reading and wasting your time on now instead of mine: Anyway, my sound advice was the most downloaded one ever. It even crashed the servers at world’s best ever. In fact it was so great dave is going to repost it right now after this title track post. Go buy my friend andrew’s music – he has mouth’s to feed.

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An Interview with Roger Gastman about “Rooms”

Rooms is a new exhibition that opens up at Scion Space this Saturday (4/24) in Los Angeles. Curated by Roger Gastman, the show features 8 individual installations by artists Adam Wallacavage, Bill Daniel, Chris Stain, Dan Monick & Caitlin Reilly, Dueling VHS, Justin Van Hoy, Kime Buzzelli, and Rocky Grimes.  I sat down with Roger via the internet and asked some questions.

Why “Rooms”?

I wanted to do something that creatively utilized the 4,500-square foot space at the Scion Gallery.
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Exit Through the Gift Shop Opens to the Public today

Make your way to a movie theater. I haven’t seen this yet, so don’t tell me anything if you see me (which you won’t, cuz I’m a recluse.)

After the jump are some randy pics that Roger took at the opening in LA.

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Roger Gastman Goes To The Movies

I went and saw The Runways on opening night. If ya know my ass, you know I really like punk. Like I love it. Like I have mad punk rock collections of shit. Like old shit – not new stuff. New stuff is not so hot.
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Roger Gastman goes to the Movies

Shit! I did a double header – and I know it aint even baseball season yet. But they be down in spring training swinging those bats – getting drunk and riding speed boats. I dedicate my last Saturday night to them. The baseball players on the “roids” – don’t get caught!

I started the evening at the lovely Americana in Glendale California. Did you know you can get an apartment/condo there? At the MALL! I could live at the mall – I would be home now. And I would be so so so so happy. I mean even just a weekend get away bungalow – one bedroom joint! What what! Did I mention it was at the mall?

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Roger Gastman goes to the Movies

I went to see Crazy Heart last night. Before you can ask me why the hell I went to see it, I will give you the reasons: It is a movie about an old country drunk. I like movies about drunks. They are usually funny, and throw up on themselves. Also drunks bang messed up looking tail. Who doesn’t like to see dudes bang messed up looking tail?  And also, the most important thing, incest.
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