graffiti soldiers

graf-soldiers-1.jpgHere’s to all the graff writers doing time occupying the Middle East. Read more here.via, c-monstergraf-soldiers-2.jpg [Read more]

Peter Vallone Jr. is an idiot

peter-vallone.jpgVandal Squad Douchehead Peter Vallone Jr. held a press conference to plea for bodegas to stop stocking Arizona’s All City energy drink. Because you know the energy in the can will enable you to catch that many more tags.image and story via Razor Apple

shepard fairey tuesday: cleon gets neon

cleon-obama.jpgJust as the Enablist did weeks ago, Shepard now advises you to buy a print by Cleon Peterson. Listen up, the man is that good and maybe if we are lucky he’ll produce 5 more prints to mimic his installations.Back to Shepard. Today is Super Tuesday, and for those who vote it is an important day. What will be interesting to gauge is how Obama will fair in California, the state where Shepard unleashed his poster campaign in support of the candidate. If only there was an exit poll asking if their vote was influenced by Shepard’s poster. The tally would be something like, 18 – 42 year olds stated yes, while the geezers were still color blind. Whatever will be, will be.

banksy follows shepard fairey, endorses politician


No, thankfully not Obama, that would be weird. Banksy has agreed to donate an artwork to the Bid for Ken auction, supporting London Mayor Ken Livingston’s bid for re-election.

read more at the Guardian


Bummer. Maybe Bloomberg and Richardson?


Bill Richardson, the candidate with the most credentials and most suitable for the job, has dropped out of the presidential race. Now hopefully he’ll team up with Mike Bloomberg to create a force that will keep our country relevant.

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