California, Naturally Defiant

Governor Jerry Brown, and the anti-Trump environmental movement.

Light in the Electoral College

Why I Will Not Cast My Electoral Vote for Donald Trump, by TEXAS Republican presidential elector, Christopher Suprun.

1,172 Miles of Conflict


A great map of the motherfuckin’ Dakota Access Pipeline.

A Smokin’ Comeback

Dave Chappelle x SNL

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Line of the Times


The Voter Suppression Trail.

Cautious Country


Garbage Pail Kids take on the 2016 Election.

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Master Debate

Hillary VS Donald, the Eclectic Method REMIX.

Rejected From the App Store


Trump’s Pussy Grabber


Aldous Huxley looks into the future from 1958.

Brand Synergy


Trump Fags by Antony Micallef.

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“We have retreated into a simplified and often completely fake version of the world”


Adam Curtis is back with more cultural wisdom in his new film, HyperNormalisation.

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The King of Out–of–Date Questions

Zach Galifianakis, Hillary Clinton, Between Two Ferns.

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