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Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: President Barack Obama

Memory Wound at Sørbråten


Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg removed a slice of Norway’s Utoya island for one of his designs for memorial sites commemorating the lives lost during the July 22, 2011 terrorist attacks.

“The concept for the Memorial Sørbråten proposes a wound or a cut within nature itself. It reproduces the physical experience of taking away, reflecting the abrupt and permanent loss of those who died. The cut will be a three-and-a-half-meters-wide excavation. It slices from the top of the headland at the Sørbråten site, to below the water line and extends to each side. This void in the landscape makes it impossible to reach the end of the headland.”

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Lunchtime Laughter

Obama, Putinized

Frontline Homies

Redesigning the Union Jack


If Scotland declares independence from the UK, what changes will the iconic flag have to go through?

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Seth Rogen’s Opening Statement Before a Senate Hearing on Alzheimer’s Research

Funny, yet touching.



American Aqueduct: The Great California Water Saga by Alexis C. Madrigal

A $25 billion plan, a small town, and a half-century of wrangling over the most important resource in the biggest state

Memorials for Ukrainian Heroes and Martyrs of the Current Revolution


Painted by TECK from Lviv, Ukraine.

Sergey Nihoyan, RIP

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Putin’s Run for Gold by Brett Forrest

At $50 billion and counting, the 2014 Winter Olympics, in Sochi, will be the most expensive Olympic Games ever. Intended to showcase the power of Vladimir Putin’s Russia, they may instead highlight its problems: organized crime, state corruption, and the terrorist threat within its borders

Global Politics in 30 Seconds

Down With Business Suits!


At the CELAC Summit in Havana, Cuba yesterday, the chillest president in the world (Uruguay’s Jose Mujica) briefly spoke out against formal business attire, stating that the dress was imposed on the world by the English during the Industrial Revolution, and that to maintain prestige in the world “We all had to dress up like monkeys with ties.” His point to other Latin American leaders was simply that they should try to relate to the people of their country, instead of their wealthy peers.

Party Animal

“Blood Bubbles”


People actually try to make other people feel guilty for using SodaStream, the Israeli bubble maker with a manufacturing plant in the occupied territory of the West Bank.

Weekend Watching: Detroit Art City – The DIA Story

Soviet-Era Anti-Drinking Propaganda

Nobody listened.

images via rio wang

Could It Beeeee… Satan!


The New York-based Satanic Temple designed a 7-foot-tall statue of Satan to be placed at the Oklahoma state Capitol, right next to a Ten Commandments monument installed back in 2012. Not just a landmark, the “statue will also have a functional purpose as a chair where people of all ages may sit on the lap of Satan for inspiration and contemplation.”

Donations have already surpassed the $20,000 mark

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A Mission Gone Wrong by Matthias Schwartz

Overseas, the U.S. approach to drugs still looks a lot like war. The D.E.A., assisted by the U.S. military, acts as an international police force, coordinating with foreign militaries through a network of offshore bases. Operation Anvil, like many of its predecessors, combined the legal framework of a police action with the hardware and the rhetoric of war. Honduras is often referred to as “downrange”; drug traffickers are “the enemy”; the Mosquito Coast is a “battlespace.” What is remarkable is how many times the U.S. has tried such militarized counter-narcotics programs and how long it has been apparent how little they amount to.

Ignorance Was Bliss


News from outside the comfort zone


Saudi’s search for a death sentence on opposition blogger

Election and protests in Bangladesh

Dozens of whales beach themselves in New Zealand

African’s protest in Israel

Many suspects in death of a Hezbollah operative

Iraq: Fallujah falls and AQ fighters declare it a new state

Rwandans keep dying in strange circumstances

Wave of self immolation in Tibet

Cambodia cracks down on protesters

Almost one million displaced in Central African Republic this new year


KC Ortiz / @kcortizphoto

KC Ortiz is a photojournalist based in Bangkok

The Aspen Wall Posters


A collaboration between Hunter S. Thompson and Thomas W. Benton in 1970-1971. The two-sided posters were used for Thompson’s campaign run for Sheriff of Piktin County, Colorado in 1970, and featured art by Benton and writing by Thompson outlining his platform.

If Hunter S. Thompson had been elected, changes would’ve included:

  • Legalization of drugs on a recreational basis (although profiteering dealers would be prosecuted harshly.) Thompson did make a concession on the drugs issue – he promised that if elected, he would not eat mescaline whilst on duty.
  • “Rip up all city streets with jackhammers and sod the streets at once.”
  • Change the name Aspen to Fat City. This would prevent greed heads, land rapers, and other human jackals from capitalizing on the name ‘Aspen’. These swine should be fucked, broken, and driven across the land.”
  • It will be the general philosophy of the sheriff’s office that no drug worth taking shall be sold for money. My first act as sheriff will be to install on the sheriff’s lawn a set of stocks to punish dishonest dope dealers.”


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