“no older than 28 and weigh no more than 160 pounds.”


During a discussion on a bill seeking to raise the minimum age for strippers in Louisiana to 21, a state representative proposed and subsequently withdrew an amendment installing maximum age and weight requirements.

Information Liberation


The Panama Papers is a 2.6 terabyte, 11.5 million document leak focusing in on offshore bank accounts and tax havens.

“These statues look like they’re made to be toppled”


North Korea is a country that just keeps you on your toes. The hermit nation’s largest export? Giant statues.

From the Barstool to the Voting Booth


Barney Sanders: Feel The Burp

Gang Bang in Pyongyang


All about that North Korean meth.

An Italian Cover-Up


In anticipation of a visit by President Hassan Rouhani of Iran, the Italian government put boxes over all of their ancient nude sculptures.

Anything For The Good of The Family


American Dynasty, a political board game featuring the Clintons, Bushes, Roosevelts, and Kennedys. Artwork by Michael Gaughan.

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China, China, China

Trump, Trump, Trump

Deez Nuts For President


Believe in the youth of today.

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Bad Lip Reading, Republican Style

Taxation Without Representation

John Oliver takes a brilliant look at the non-statehood of the Nation’s Capital.

You Search, We Watch


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