“and for other purposes.”

Protect IP is a “bill to prevent online threats to economic creativity and theft of intellectual property, and for other purposes.”

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Morning Dose of Occupy South Park

A Painful Cycle

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Banksy Might Have Added Some Value To The Occupy London Movement

In the form of Rich Uncle Pennybags looking for a handout.

Photo by Jason Reeve

Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street

Believe it. There’s a tumblr too.

If Only Democracy Worked For Everything

Gallup Poll: Record-High 50% of Americans Favor Legalizing Marijuana Use

The More You Know

Four Charts explaining what the Occupy Wall Street Protesters are mad about. That one’s a doozy…

Non-American Graffiti

Roger Gastman narrates a feature about rebel art for Foreign Policy

A Look Through The Occupied Wall Street Journal

Morning Dose of Children’s Medium Used for Dissemination of Truth

David OReilly x NMA. So confused.

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Let the people paint murals.


Dam Graffiti!

From the LA Times: “An anonymous band of artists painted a giant pair of scissors and a dotted line on the face of 200-foot Matilija Dam near Ojai. For years, an alliance of environmentalists, fishermen, surfers and officials from every level of government has called for demolishing the obsolete structure, which was built in 1947. (Mel Melcon, Los Angeles Times /September 19, 2011)”

Nothin’ Says Fun Like A Russion Billionaire Fight

Lebedev vs Polonsky… Ben Franklin is shocked.

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Under Arpaio

This Arizona Sheriff seems like a bad, bad man. Shepard Fairey and his political justice design machine create a poster to help convince you of that.

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Art During War

The Graffiti of War Project

(Thanks Ben!)

War on Drugs ‘Not Working’

‘No Shit.’

Read the Global Commission on Drug Policy Report here

Stop the Belo Monte Monster Dam!

Not cool Brazilian government, not cool.

Sign the petition and learn more here

Altered Focus: Burma

“Altered Focus: Burma follows three film makers and skateboarders, as they travel across Yangon and Mandalay. The film explores the reaction to this unseen activity whilst touching on the political situation there.”

Ai Weiwei in “good physical health but mentally conflicted and tense”

After six weeks of nothing, Ai Weiwei’s wife was able to visit him this past Sunday.

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