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If I had even a shred of care about politics, this would be the site that I would read. Sorry Buzzfeed.

Kate Moss Thursdays

With Carla Bruni

Weekend Watching: The Vice Guide to Congo

The World’s Largest Piece of Abstract Art

Or a waste of paint. The buffed LA River.

via, doobybrain

Understanding How And Where Your Tax Dollars Are Being Spent

The 2011 US Federal Taxpayer Reciept

The Gipper

A new 15-inch bust of Ronald Reagan by Frank Kozik.

Available through Kid Robot

If Glenn O’Brien Were King

Doesn’t Sound Too Bad

The CIA Personality Quiz

Dispelling myths since 2007

Obama’s War on Medical Marijuana

Come on Barry, you said you were better than this.

photo by Lisa Jack

Portraits of Insurgents

Faces of the Taliban

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Gawker puts together a guide to give you insight.

Shepard Fairey Pleads Guilty in a New York court to one count of criminal contempt

He destroyed documents, manufactured evidence as well as other misconduct in his case involving his “Hope” poster of Barack Obama. He could face up to six months in federal prison.


Jesus Is Coming. (Inside?) by Glenn O’Brien

Michael Carter aka John F. Kennedy

JFK’s teen intern mistress spills the beans


NY Mag had two big ad guys from BBDO write up some humorous scripts for the upcoming presidential election.

Political LULZ

After Watching This You’ll Understand SOPA and PIPA

Boing Boing’s managing editor explains to Al Jazeera what these idiotic laws would do to websites if enacted.

While we’re totally against SOPA/PIPA, as it would fuck us and in turn you, we won’t be closing up shop today. Respect to those who did, but somebody has to fill the entertainment gap.

Here’s the White House’s response to the petitions

LEON REID IV: Recent History

A design series reflecting recent historical events.

Gif Magic

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