Michael Carter aka John F. Kennedy

JFK’s teen intern mistress spills the beans


NY Mag had two big ad guys from BBDO write up some humorous scripts for the upcoming presidential election.

Political LULZ

After Watching This You’ll Understand SOPA and PIPA

Boing Boing’s managing editor explains to Al Jazeera what these idiotic laws would do to websites if enacted.

While we’re totally against SOPA/PIPA, as it would fuck us and in turn you, we won’t be closing up shop today. Respect to those who did, but somebody has to fill the entertainment gap.

Here’s the White House’s response to the petitions

LEON REID IV: Recent History

A design series reflecting recent historical events.

Gif Magic

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Transferring Domains Out Of GoDaddy (*Updated)

Something to do over the holiday weekend. GoDaddy supports SOPA, and that’s just wrong.

According to boingboing they’ve recanted


Momentary Tumblr

Kim Jong-Il Dropping The Bass

(Thanks Kristin!)

“Look, I’m a reasonable guy. But, I’ve just experienced some pretty unreasonable things.” – Jack Burton

Christian Bale Faces a little trouble in big China

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The Protester

Time’s Person of the Year. A lot of readable internet stuff here

Cover by Shepard Fairey

Shane Smith Continues His Fun Obsession With North Korea

Vice sneaks into a secret North Korean labor camp in Siberia

Inside a Secret CIA Prison in Romania

Get interactive here and read here

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Check Out That Flag Art!

Iranian Military Graphic Designers are really outdoing themselves these days.

Apparently Iran got one of our drones last weekend.

see the first drones here

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Lunchtime Laughter

Ali G and Newt Gingrich

American Stonehenge

The Air Force Academy has built a stonehenge-like area for its pagan, druid, witch and Wiccan cadets.

Order Of The Illuminati Flow Chart

The World’s Best Ever?

See it big here

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Occupy Hope by Shepard Fairey

Really though

Silvio Berlusconi Is Releasing an Album of Love Ballads

Hear a bit of True Love after the jump.

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Don’t Let Government Censor Our Internet

Today is American Censorship Day, and the government wants to pass a bill that would give us American citizens the same internet censorship that the governments of Iran, Syria, and China give their people. Please write to congress now and let them know that they’re assholes for trying to do this.

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