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Pieter Hugo

Last Week…

We saw Pizza in the Wild

Japan at rush hour made us feel claustrophobic

We talked with Jason Nocito about his new book

We looked at pictures of palm trees


Daniela Lopez Osorio was our Muse

Weekend Watching: Chasing Ice (2012)

Directed by Jeff Orlowski

Follow National Geographic photographer James Balog across the Arctic as he deploys time-lapse cameras designed for one purpose: to capture a multi-year record of the world’s changing glaciers.

25 Grams: Brian M. Cassidy

25 Grams is a feature that culls pictures from some of our favorite instagram feeds.

Brian M. Cassidy is a New York-based filmmaker and photographer

He can be followed on instagram at @brian_m_cassidy

Picture of the Day


Bruce Gilden

Picture of the Day


Mike Brodie

Captive Landscapes

A series by Daniel Kukla involving the interior environments for animals at 12 different zoos across the U.S and Europe.

Pud Season: An Interview with Jason Nocito


If you’re an idiot, you might look at Jason Nocito’s beautiful new book, designed by Ari Marcopolous and Camilla Venturini and premiering sixteen new photographs, and say, “It’s a bunch of pictures of puddles.” And you wouldn’t be totally wrong. Aptly titled PUD, Jason’s new book does heavily feature stunning large format images of iridescent pools filled with cigarettes and leaves, but it a lot more than that. It’s an ode to Charlie Brown, death, and American street photography, for starters. I called up Jason while he was working in Los Angeles so he could explain it to all the idiots.
CHRISTIAN: I got a look at the book. It’s beautiful. It’s shorter than what I’m used to but I think that really works well.

JASON: I guess it’s shorter but I don’t really see it as a one-off, done deal. I don’t think of it as a conscious project, it’s just a body of pictures that I put together.After making I Heart Transylvania, which was a larger body of work, this is like the beginning of something else for me. I Heart Transylvania was very personal, and so is this work, but in a different way. It’s personal without showing any humans, which is really different than I Heart, which showed a lot of close people in my life.
You shot the whole thing on an 8×10 view camera, correct?

Yeah, it started a few years ago when I as talking to a friend about Ten Swimming Pools and a Broken Glass, the Ed Ruscha book. I guess it started before that actually, when I moved back to New York from Vancouver. Every place I am, I want to make photographs. I’ve never been the person who says I’m going to go to this place and do this project and do it and be done. I’ve always kind of hated that, it’s not what I’m about. I was living in New York and I was burnt out professionally and emotionally. I would walk around the city all the time with my head down, like a lot of people do, and I would see all these things. That’s what I was looking at, so that’s what I photographed. A lot of that stuff is made right in my neighborhood in Chinatown. I tried it a few different ways with different kinds of cameras but at one point I met with my friend and photographer, Danny Gordon, and we talked about 8×10 large format camera. Its a different process and a different microscope to look at things. I started playing around with it.

I’m also really interested in the 8×10 process and the way that, in five or ten years, the process will probably be gone. It’s sort of a slowly-dying way to make images and the film will probably be impossible to get in the near future. I was really interested in using it as of an extension of thinking about death.

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Pizza In the Wild

A necessary series by Jonpaul Douglass

Picture of the Day


John Oliver Hodges



The story behind the default wallpaper of Microsoft Windows. It’s an actual photo!

Pictures of Palm Trees

Palmes pour memoire is a 1991 book compiled by Pierre Marc Richard featuring photographs that include palm trees—from the mid-1800s until the time of publish.

Picture of the Day


Lina Scheynius

Not For Claustrophobic Commuters

Tokyo Compression by Michael Wolf

Picture of the Day & the Weekly Round-Up


Last Week…

We dreamt of racing BMW 635 CSi Touring Cars

We interviewed Ukranian photographer Sasha Kurmaz

We turned back the clock and peeped the queen of ’90s skinemax, Joan Severence

Oderus Urungus, Rest in Peace


Daniela Braga was our Muse

Daniel Gordon Gets Physical

Dude makes killer work

25 Grams: Chris Heads

25 Grams is a feature that culls pictures from some of our favorite instagram feeds.

Chris Heads is a photographer splitting his time between Milan, Paris, and NYC.

He can be followed on instagram at @chrisheads

Picture of the Day


Martine Franck

It’s Time to Say Goodnight

For his series Pastel Deaths, photographer Emir Özşahin humanizes dead animals by showing them as if they were sleeping.

Picture of the Day


Issei Suda

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