the darkside (2)


(Micha Bar-Am Kollaborateure, Samaria, West Bank, 1967)

The Photo Museum in Zurich, recently opened, Darkside 2, a collection of photographic work exploring the intimate relationship between photography and death.  The exhibition will include works by Antoine d’Agata, Christian Boltanski, Sophie Calle, Hans Danuser, Maria Friberg, Nan Goldin, F. Holland Day, Peter Hujar, Miyako Ishiuchi, Sally Mann, Enrique Metinides, Shirin Neshat, Gilles Peress, Walid Raad, Sophie Ristelhueber, Andres Serrano, Fazal Sheikh, Cindy Sherman, W. Eugene Smith, Weegee and Francesca Woodman.

Photo Museum Winterthur
Grüzenstrasse 44 + 45 Grüzenstrasse 44 + 45
CH-8400 Winterthur (Zürich) CH-8400 Winterthur (Zurich)

05/09/2009 – 15/11/2009

Micha Bar-Am
Kollaborateure, Samaria, West Bank,

Picture of the Day & the Weekly Round-Up


Dave Schubert

This Week…

We remembered some who have past in this last Bummer of a Summer

Mark Mulroney wow’ed us

We liked this clever ad for a Ladies Hairdresser in Milan

We looked at Polaroids of Strip Club Candidates


This dude beats speed traps by wearing various animal masks while driving

Picture of the Day


Tim Barber

Amy Stein’s Domesticated at Clamp Art


Opening tonight at ClampArt

In Domesticated, artist Amy Stein explores the archetypal motif of man verses nature.  More specifically, her photographs explore the tenuous relationshp between man and animals as human civilization continues to encroach upon nature.  Informed by actual newspaper accounts and oral histories from citizens of the small town of Matamoras in Northeast Pennsylvania, which borders a state forest, Stein’s photographs are inspired by true events.

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Polaroids of Strip Club Candidates

Be warned: your mother might be in here

picture of the day


West Indian Parade 2009-via thevoice by Rebecca Smeyne

Picture of the Day


Kingsley Ifill

Feel better dude



Eikoh Hosoe is an amazing Japanese photographer who emerged out of the experimental arts movement of post-World War II Japan.

Image via here.

Another great shot after the jump.

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Picture of the Day & the Weekly Round-Up


Patrick Griffin

This Week…

We learned how to rob an Apple Store

The Vilena Pose was interesting

We looked at Awesome Food Tattoos

The museum of Animal Perspectives wow’ed us


The recipe for BLOOD PIE

Picture of the Day


RJ Shaughnessy

Kehinde Wiley at Deitch


Tonight at 76 Grand.  Photographs this time around for Kehinde Wiley.  Bling Bling.

September 03, 2009 — September 26, 2009
76 Grand Street, New York

Deitch Projects is pleased to present Black Light, an exhibition of photographs by Kehinde Wiley that thrusts the black male image, captured by means of light manipulation and digital technology, into focus. This shuffle of Wiley’s artistic process reveals an integral component of his studio practice rarely seen while remaining, uniquely, Kehinde Wiley portraiture.
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Picture of the Day


The Giant Armadillo

“Although it is difficult to tell its size from this photo, the giant armadillo deserves its name and can weigh up to about 32 kilograms (71 pounds) in the wild! With its impressive weight and enormous elongated front claws, it digs out and eats termite and ant colonies. Unfortunately, this animal has been extirpated from many parts of its range due to over-hunting and is now rare in most areas.

National Zoo scientists set up camera traps in a remote section of the Amazon rain forest to gather data about the variety of species that inhabit it. Learn more about the project here:…”

(thanks Hallie!)

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